Medicare Home Health Regulations

Are you not familiar of Medicare Home Health Regulations and other related policies?

If you’re planning to use the benefits of Medicare and aiming to apply for Home Health services then we will cite you the policy that focuses on its eligibility and other things to know about Medicare Home Health Regulations.

How to Get Home Health Services with Medicare?

Home Care or Home Health Services is one of the benefits provided by Medicare through the use of Home Health Agencies or HHA. The usual beneficiaries of home health services are the Senior citizens who need to be temporarily cared of on their own home. However, everybody is entitled for this benefit as soon as he pays the Medicare fund just like as he pays his taxes.

The main purpose why Medicare was created by the government is to provide financial assistance on medical treatments and services in case that the recipient is incapable of paying the bills. But the process of receiving a home care undergoes several conditions to be eligible on the home health services he needed.

First, the plan of care should be submitted by the attending physician to the Medicare organization. It should contain all the necessary information about the true condition of the patient, the type of home care services he needed, the person who will provide the service, and the time period of the service. The approval of plan of care is very important prior to the submission of medical services bill to Medicare. In order for the patient to receive a home care such as physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and nursing services, the attending physician must certify such needs plus it must show that the patient is homebound and can’t leave home as a result of physical ailments.

The Functions of HHA in Accordance with Existing Regulations

Home Health Agencies or HHA should do its function of providing good quality of home care services in accordance with existing regulations of the state. The Department of Health is bound on its duty to ensure that every HHA licensed by the state is practicing the minimum health and safety standards indicated on federal laws governing the said regulations. The most common services offered by the HHA are home health aide services, nursing services, medical social work services, nutritional services, speech therapy services, respiratory therapy services, occupational therapy services, physical therapy services, professional medical equipment assessment services, and home medical supplies and equipments. Before an HHA conduct the following services, the owner of the agency should apply first for state licensure then for Federal Medicare Certification. The absence of the two requirements is considered illegal and has no right to offer such services. So it is important for the patient to check if the HHA handling his Medicare Home Care service is licensed by the state and with FMC.


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