Home Health Care Trends

There are different trends on home health care that can help you engage in such kind of career.

If you are eager to know the common trends in home health care nowadays then here is a brief viewpoint regarding the growth of home health care industry and what possible new opportunities it can offer for everybody.

Home Health Care Trends and its New Opportunities

Based on recent statistics, the market for Home Health Care industry has grown tremendously and plays an important role in the health care system of the country in general. The main reason that triggers its popularity is the rising cost of hospital fees while a patient can just stay at home and asks for a home health care service with the aid of Medicare and Medicaid programs. Another reason is the continuous advancement in medical technology and it is forecast that within 25 years that people will strongly suggest to be taken care of in their own home instead to hospitals. As a result, home health agencies (HHA) are now prominent in the industry in providing home healthcare services particularly to the Senior Citizens.

What makes these HHA’s top on the list is the wide range of services it can offer to the patients such as in-home skilled nursing services, 24-hour home care, counseling, medical social services, personal care services, dietary and nutritional services, drugs and medication, speech therapy, physical therapy, audiology, homemaker and companion services, and other sort of therapies. The most common availed services are the skilled nursing services, and personal care services. For this reason, new job opportunities arise as the industry continues to grow in the coming years.

Home Health Care Career Opportunities

To sustain the large demand for home health care services, new career opportunities open up for those career-oriented individuals who wants to take the chance to earn and provide professional care to the patients who needs a home healthcare service. The first type of job is the home health companion. This career requires a little training compared to other home health care jobs. What basically a companion offers to the patient is to provide emotional support for his fast recovery and help him in some tasks at home. CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) and First Aid certification are some of the requirements to be completed by a home health companion.

The Home Health Care Aide or also known as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Nursing Aide are another home health care profession. As a CNA its job is to assist the nurses in taking care of the patients on its everyday living task and other medical tasks like checking the vital signs of the patient. Unlike a companion, nursing aides are required to complete a certification program and even pass a licensing exam. And also, a Registered Nurse or RN is in-demand for the home health care industry and plays much bigger role than companions and nursing aides because of their advanced learning in the medical field.


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