How to Start a Home Health Care Business

Just like any other business, Home Health Care business must be learned thoroughly.

You should be fully aware of the startup cost, license, and healthcare equipments used before engaging into the business.

Knowing the Basics of Health Care Business

Starting your own home health care business must be planned well and your initial costs must include the purchasing of equipment and the registration of your business. Expected expenses such as the utilities and office space’s costs must also be included in your startup cost. Your budget must be organized on monthly and annual basis and try to develop accurate budget in order for you to have excellent financial grasp.

But first, you must figure out the type of business entity for your healthcare business and the right procedure for registration. For example, is it incorporated type or unincorporated type. The information on most states about the business registration is given through the secretary of the state. Usually, you must register your healthcare business unless you are operating using only your name. There are states where it is necessary to acquire special certification or license that also include a background investigation on you. Then, your business should be insured and the registration fees must be included in your budget too.

All the Expenses

You must clarify all the services that your business will offer like, medical or non medical or both. Then, calculate efficiently the cost necessary for staff training, office supplies (uniforms, pens, and telephones), and medical equipment. If your healthcare business will concentrate on the medical services, you must contact online retailers and whole distributors to evaluate and compare their costs and quality. While on nonmedical healthcare, you definitely would not need business supplies because you will just help your clients with their daily tasks such as cooking and bathing.

In addition to that, you must also consider carefully the necessity on your staffing. You may personally work and serve your clients but as your business expands, you may need to staff registered nurses, administrative support, and medical assistants. After evaluating your expenses, you must total them and have a solid grasp of the amount of sales revenue that you should generate to break even your expenses. For example, if the expenses that you have sum up are extremely high, you must reevaluate your decisions and start offering first the nonmedical services until you have acquired enough money to finance the medical services. Or you can renegotiate services like insurance or rent by choosing much higher deductibles. When creating the structure of your prices, use the expected costs because with no operation budget, your business will likely to fail miserably.


  • dessie said on September 9, 2011
    clute, tx. i'm a medical assistant and i want to start my own home healthcare business
  • J. Vic Austria said on April 5, 2013
    We are looking for partners that are serious pursuing the health industry business. we need serious people that can assist us in our project that will help create a one of a kind unique Health Care Business that we can combine in our Medical Tourism projects. This can be worldwide on a case to case basis. Please contact us in my email address to get more information. God bless. JVA
  • agatha Nzou said on July 4, 2013
    I want to start a medical tourism business in Nairobi-Kenya. I am also a health worker and would love to partner with you. I hope to hear from you soon. Agatha
  • Syed said on July 27, 2013
    Dear @J. Vic Austria, Greetings!!! Kindly let me know the exact nature of the business. Ans as far as seriousness, none of the target can be achieved without being serious. Many Thanks....
  • Chenille said on February 1, 2014
    I am a Certified Nurse Assistant and I want to start my own private aide care business. I want to offer services to clients i.e. in home care, bathing, light housekeeping. I'm located in the state in Deland, Fl
  • Renee said on June 11, 2016
    I'm A Certified Nursing Assistant and I would like to start my own Home Health Agency North Carolina.


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