Marketing Strategies for Service Businesses

Remember that whether your venture is new or old, your marketing strategies must be timely and dynamic. Most of the times, service businesses involves sending numerous walk-in and outgoing calls customer satisfaction.

However, in any business, internet marketing is now one of the common ways to boost and build businesses.

Why Service Business?

Service businesses are types of services that are offered by certain company such as cleaning or maintenance service, auto cleaning or repairing services and others. These services are needed by people who don’t have the capacity and means to do it by themselves. Service businesses are now an increasing industry as more and more people require these services that each company offers.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Door Hangers
  • Yellow Pages Advertisement
  • Coupons

Promotion is one of the most important marketing strategies that each and every business needed whether it is small or big. Even though the traditional marketing strategies is considered effective they are somewhat blocked by the revolution of the internet technology. These days most of the business owners are choosing online marketing strategies because they believe that it is the best means to be noticed.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per click marketing is considered as one of the strongest business marketing strategies according to tech-savvy business owner. PPC can surely drive your business because it does not just help you boost your business but also promotes the business effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In contrary to PPC advertising, SEO or Search Engine Optimization pays slowly off but also a lasting vision is possible. In general, 75 percent of a certain website of the business comes from an organic search engine. Keep in mind that search engines would care about the budget for advertising. The only important thing is they look into the strategies of SEO which is employed on the website.

Public Relations

As you know, public relations are considerably the origin of entire business marketing strategies when the campaign for advertising was began. Nailing the offline and online public relation campaign is the best means to build loyalty, trust, authority and awareness of your service business. Public relation that is build online is very inexpensive strategy for building the business.

Facebook and Twitter Pages

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are growing every day wherein many people are signing up to these pages. These websites are not anymore the same site we knew a year before. Many small or big business owners are now choosing this method because it helps them to advertise quickly without too much effort and money involved.


Even if it is considered an old means of advertising, word-of-mouth advertising is still very effective. Be sure to provide the best service to your customer and they will happy to tell their friends and colleagues about your services.


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