Interstate Outdoor Advertising Business

A business in interstate outdoor advertising is largely like starting a typical billboard advertising company. However, what differentiates it from the standard outdoor advertising is location.

Do you want to know some things about outdoor advertising and also the specifics of interstate billboard advertising? Read the basics from our guide.

There are many advertisements that fall under the category of “outdoor advertising.” Putting ad signs on buildings, buses, and billboards are common examples of outdoor advertising. Starting an interstate outdoor advertising business is in many ways like starting a typical billboard advertising company. To be in the billboard business, one must:

Have experience in advertising so that he’d be able to create catchy, effective and unique advertising ideas. But this is not all. He should also have experience in printing designs and constructing frames and support for the billboards.

Have business relationships with different contractors that will produce the billboard you will be erecting. These contractors include ad printers for the text and image of the billboard; construction companies to build the structure to support the billboard; and electrical companies to install lightings. It’s because in this business, it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to actually do everything.

Have locations to put the billboards up. Ad companies usually rent vacant spaces on yearly basis to be used for displaying advertisements. Enter into lease agreements.

Know regulations governing the size, prices and the display of the billboard from your local and federal authorities. You will need permits in order to put the ads up.

The main big difference between interstate outdoor advertising and the standard outdoor advertising is location. Interstate advertising requires that billboards should be erected along interstates. And so here are some tips in specializing on interstate billboards:

When you enter into lease agreements, you don’t enter that contract with owners of vacant lots anywhere. That space should be where people pass to travel from one state to another.

When scouting for spaces to rent along interstates, notice the possible location of the billboard in relation to its surroundings. Since vehicles that will be passing there will be at high speeds, you must make sure that the billboard will be seen. Inspect to make sure there are no blockages to the billboards, such as trees.

Recommend large sized billboards along interstates in order to increase the ad’s visibility. Small ones could easily be missed out by speeding cars or vehicles in transit.

When looking for clients, zero in on companies that have a wide range of customer base such as cars, or home improvement products. Also, visit the nearest gas stations, restaurants and motels within your target site. These are the businesses that are among your possible customers. They need you to tell travellers that within a certain distance, they could already find food, gas or bed.

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