How to Write an Elevator Pitch

There always comes a time in our lives when we will have to say things in a very short span of time, in such a way that all necessary points will be covered. The elevator pitch is something that you have to learn to be prepared for this.

Knowing how to write an elevator pitch that will compel people is a challenging yet worthwhile thing to do.

Writing a compelling elevator pitch is something that you will have to learn, especially since you do not actually know when or where you will be asked about certain things. Once you know how to write an elevator pitch, rest assured that you will be able to answer even the spur of the moment questions that will be thrown your way.

Defining an Elevator Pitch

If you are asked some things, there must always be some answers. For instance, if you are an investor, you will have a ready punchy summary of what your company does and why it will be worth to be invested in. For the meantime, if the question is just a casual one, like what kind of job you have, you should also be ready with a brief summary of the nature of the work that you do, basically with replies that are just equal to the time span of a lift or elevator ride. This is the simplest yet most accurate way to define what an elevator pitch is. To put things simpler, this is a summary spanning 60 seconds or less of the topic that you have, the usual of which is the company that you have.

Compelling Elevator Pitch

There are many individuals who actually fail in their elevator pitches, for the reason that they did not take their time in crafting a specific one for the situation at hand and that which they have created is not that powerful or focused on the expected outcome. The message that we need here is something that is focused, suitable for the person or groups of persons to whom you will deliver the pitch and with the correct topic. This must also be something that can lead to action forms or outcomes that you desire.

The Length and the Offers

A compelling elevator pitch is expected to have a length that is in a word order of 10 to 12 or something like that allotted for your personal introduction while the business pitch must be comprised of approximately 150 up to 225 words. Similar with sales messages, your elevator pitch must offer interesting benefits of any kinds to recipients. This can be effectively done with the aid of a hook or a statement if not a question that will pique the interest of listeners, making them more interested to know further details.

The Message

Depending on the outcome, you will surely want your message to be unique and strong so that you can make people care for who you really are and what you actually do. Your message must also be something that will compel people to learn more that is why you should see to it that it will not be a message that is trite, boring or clichéd.


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