How to Take Out a Personal Loan

One of the most typical ways of people to get out of a financial problem is to acquire a loan. This is commonly done in a personal loan, or in a more specific way, personal loan with banks. This way of putting an end to one’s financial problem, in general, have two forms.

The first one is the so called secured loan and the second form is the unsecured form.

Let us first discuss the two forms of personal loan. The secured personal loan is usually given with collateral in order to have better terms of repayment, more beneficial interest rate, and much lowered fees. On the other hand, the unsecured personal loan can be used without collateral with a higher rate of interest. Whichever loan you may prefer, here are the following steps that will guide you in taking out loans.


First step is for you to assessment. You will have to assess your latest financial status. You can do this by listing first your assets. Then you will also have to detail the monthly income that you are receiving. Once done with these tasks, you will also have to write down your liabilities, expenses, as well as debts, and then deduct all of those from your monthly income and assets.
With regards to your monthly income, aside from listing it, you will also have to authenticate and certify it. You can ask your employer with this undertaking. Request from him a letter that will confirm your stated monthly income as well as your job security. Aside from your employer’s certification, you will also need to pay stubs or invoice statements, if the salary that you are receiving is directly deposited in your bank account. This is necessary to further strengthen your certification and in order for the bank to be more convinced on your desire to loan.

Essential Undertakings

Next step is for you to shop around. Remember that your qualifications may pass or may not achieve the bank’s criteria in order for you to take out a personal loan. If you are unfortunate and did not qualify, do not lose hope for there are still quite a few lenders available who are also specializing personal loans. But if you are lucky enough and the banks that you have applied for your personal loan approve it, then choose wisely from them. Consecutively, if you want to choose the right bank you will have to compare the interest rates of each of them. Not only that, it is also important for you to compare repayment terms. If you have collateral, offer it so that you can get interest rate which is lower than usually given. Make sure also that your loan application as well as the other loan materials are complete, which must include the list of your assets, income, and liabilities.


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