How to Take Good Meeting Notes

Do you want to impress your boss or colleagues? If yes, then it would be nice if you can able to show them your organizational skills in a meeting by having the best ability on how to take good meeting notes.

Having these skills on taking a concise and clear meeting notes and minutes will surely help you to boost your position to promotion.

Important Details

When taking good meeting notes, it is very significant not to forget the necessary details that you need to remember. These details will be needed by your boss as they will ask you the complete the printed reports from the minute. Included in the details that you must write on the meeting nodes are the subject, date and time, venue as well as the persons involve in conference both personal or through conference call.

Agenda of the Meeting

Excellent meetings must always have its agenda, which will be made ahead of time, perhaps a week or day of the meeting, you can make main agenda points, which can able to help you as well as your boss to determine the action and notes and even issues that they need to know according to the agenda.


In taking a good meeting notes, it is not required that you have to write every word or phrases they say on the meeting. It is very important to get the main points that are important in the meeting. Some of the important notes to take are significant decisions that agreed by the people, important questions and statements as well as disagreements that are discussed.

Action Item Register

The most significant output from the meeting notes is the Action Item Register (AIR). In this you need to capture the important details such as the particular action needs to be taken, the person/people responsible to make it possible as well as the action item, which is needed to set on a particular date. In this part be sure to be specific. After the meeting, be sure to review your notes to determine the preciseness of your meeting notes.

Additional Tips

  • After the meeting, it is very significant to transcribe in on word document or spreadsheet. If it is needed, it would be nice to send out the meeting notes in all attendees of the meeting for them to comment and review.
  • You may need to put an open box, which is next to action items you made. After carrying out the action the items should be check if they are included or not.
  • Do not spend all the time just writing, it would be nice if you can able to participated in meeting and take some assign action items. This will impress your boss because he can see how you are dedicated to work.


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