How to Start a Pet Breeding Service

Being a pet breeder may have been thrust upon you when your pet suddenly became pregnant! But whatever the reason, taking care of a pregnant animal health is not very easy.

This little article will just guide you on what you should know about before thinking about becoming a pet breeder!

Do you want to be a pet breeder?

  • The first step is to decide what type of pet breeder you want to be. Most people just want either a cat, or a dog as a pet. So either you focus on simple easy to breed dog you are experienced with or move over to the more exotic varieties. But be warned that the more pedigreed the dogs, the more complicated they are to raise and mate.
  • You will be taking care of living creatures and if you are going to be taking up responsibility of mating them, then you better know how to rear and feed them. Read up on the type of pet breeder you want to be and the animals you have selected to breed. Ignorance is no excuse as your lack of knowledge can result in terrible errors causing the death of your pets and their babies! You should be aware of common diseases of animals and how to treat emergencies. Please be aware that almost 60% of all mating can result in babies who are crippled, or diseased or just too sick to survive. What will you do with such babies?
  • You will require a lot of house space and a good backyard for the pets to run around in. most pets are not kept in the house. You will need pet houses like kennels for the dogs and a cattery for cats to keep them separate from other animals when they are sick, pregnant or with a litter.
  • Detailed records are necessary of when the littler was produced and the name and pedigree of the dam and stud. Although pet breeders who do breeding for use as home pets are not that particular about ancestry, it’s always a good idea to keep a good record of your pet and which house you are sending it to with the name of the mother and father cat.
  • Different animals require separate food and breeders have to be careful about what food they feed their pets and the litter for their best health. Read up on what your pet and its litter will eat or consult with other pet breeders for the best nutritional requirements for healthy pets.
  • Breeders can sell the litter they raise individually or as a total batch to a person or institutions. A few of the better pedigreed animal are used at exhibitions to show off the breeder’s technical skill in getting prize-winning animals as well as to attract buyers. Sick and unhealthy animals are also killed to be sold as pelts.


  • Brian Thorp said on October 20, 2009
    I have a 1 year old Male fawn boxer. He is in good health and is AKC registered pure breed. I'm looking to stud him out if you are interested email me at
  • Shahnawaz said on May 24, 2013
    I want to Start (Australian Bird) breeding business, please advice. Pakistan, Karachi
  • Atif said on September 24, 2014
    I want to start bird breeding business and wish to sale with the help of internet sites . i live in Pakistan Lahore. i am poor person and i wish to meet my home expense with the help of this business kindly advice me. Regard.
  • lala jee said on November 4, 2015
    i want to Start a Pet Breeding bussince in karachi city
  • Oladele Ogundele said on April 25, 2016
    I want to start a cattle. What and what I need. Have get the cow, goat and sheep for the northen part of nigeria,


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