How to Start a Liquidation Business

Do you want to know the basics on how to start a Liquidation Business?

If you want to learn the effective ways in buying and reselling liquidation merchandise then we will show you the right approach on how to handle this in-demand business in a simple manner that we have prepared for you.

Tips on How to Start a Liquidation Business

The popularity of Liquidation Business is extremely increasing nowadays. On this kind of business, you just need to look up for liquidated items or “surplus” and sell it in a good deal. For you to understand well, surplus items are those abandoned goods, over-stocked items, obsolete products, and sequestered properties due to bankruptcy that are subject for resale to recover from their losses. To earn a lot from this business it’s either you deal in brokering the merchandise for a commission or you buy the surplus items then sell it for profit. Although the items are called “surplus”, but the quality of the products are still in good condition and worth to buy for.

Managing a Liquidation Business is a rewarding experience but needs a lot of time, effort, and perseverance for you to succeed on this profitable business. Your capital will depend on how you will run the business, if you want to set-up a storefront, or you want to create an online store, or both. At first, you can just do the brokering work, where you look for a seller and help him to look for a buyer on their surplus products. The profits you will gain from the commission can be accumulated then it can be added to your capital for setting up your own storefront and online store later. Look for many contacts as possible and build a good reputation towards your customers by providing them a high-quality of service. Always bear in mind that “word of mouth” is a good way of advertising your business.

And just like in an ordinary business, creating a business plan is essential in running your Liquidation Business. Simply indicate your objectives and write down your perspectives. A good business plan will help you to motivate yourself and will provide you with aspirations in dealing on this challenging business venture. For legal purposes, register your business and apply for the necessary permits and licenses and check for tax laws currently implemented at your state.

Sources of Items in Starting a Liquidation Business

In order for you to earn a larger profit, you need to have a huge source of your surplus items. This is one of the heavy tasks you will encounter in running your Liquidation Business, to gather and maintain contacts from different sources. But be cautious on your sources by knowing them well and deal only on trusted one. Freight companies and other related storage companies can be a good source of surplus items if they have abandoned goods at their warehouse. Manufacturers and Distributors with over-stocked items and obsolete products are other good sources, while you can also search the internet for listing of surplus items like


  • jason polley said on November 4, 2012
    newglasgow novascotia canada b2h3h5 can u help me do u know any people looking for partners but i think it be better by myselve any info u can help me with. i think liquidation but its so hard and so much research i've been researching since march my brain is just racked any info u have can help me would be appreciated
  • Barbara said on January 5, 2016
    I'm new to my area and would like to know how to get in touch with locals that need help liquidating their items. Weather they are over loaded, down sizing or moving. I do all the work and love what I do and helping people. Please if anybody knows how I start to get the word out in the Alamance, Burlington and surrounding areas of North Carolina please email me at Thank You in Advanced


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