How to Start a Not for Profit Business

Today, one of the easiest ways for you to earn money is by starting a non profit business.

But this works in two ways—as the businessman and the persons involved earn money they are addressing the needs of communities in certain aspects.

If you also want to have this kind of business, you can achieve it by being subject to terms and regulations.

In order for you to start up successfully, you need to have website, checking account, filing fees and mission statement. In your community, you can show your concern by knowing first the problems that need solution. By identifying the center of your concern, you will be able to come up with a great business plan which will serve as the compass for your money making venture and Good Samaritan missions as well. So, let us say for example that your non profit business will be centering on a clean and green program.

You need to conduct research with regard to this kind of program. By doing that, you will get to know the previous organizations and companies which dealt with community problems and the reasons why they failed in their goals. By knowing them, you will not be able to repeat the same mistakes again.

Starting a Not for Profit Business

Since you need to ask for funding in the non profit, you will be engaged in writing a mission statement. This should be a well presented proposal so that the donors will lend you the needed fund for your business. In your proposal, you need to include the mission, vision, goals and objectives of your business. The key to get the attention of the donors is to load your mission statement with substantial arguments and facts.

You also need to identify if your business is qualified for the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt condition. In the Internal Revenue Service website, you will be able to obtain guidelines and downloadable forms about the requirements that are needed for consideration.

Next, you need to seek the assistance of an accountant so that a realistic company budget can be identified. Although it is aid that volunteerism is the center of a non profit business like yours, you still have to consider several factors such as advertising expenses, supplies, office equipments and facility leasing. In order for you to know the difference between long-term maintenance and short-term expenses, you need to hire an accountant.

You also need to select board members such as president down to secretary. In order for your non profit to be a success, it would be very helpful for you to include a number of representatives who can help you in the networking job. After completing the board of members, you need to draft your by laws.

You also need to settle the applicable fees with the help of a state attorney general. After that, you can already apply for a non profit mailing license. The last step is to create a professional website wherein your donors can navigate.


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