How to Start a Hunting Business

Hunting is one interest some people are very passionate about. If it is yours too and there is an available hunting area near you, a business in line with this interest could be possible.

Learn the basic requirements you need to start a hunting business. Read our basic guide and discover.

Among the most passionate interest groups are people who love to hunt. Hunters usually start early on and continue the hobby even later in life. They got their thrill from the combination of exploring the outdoors and winning the challenge of man versus game. If you are one of these people with an enterprising streak – in addition – then you could start a business out of your interest.

Choosing a Hunting Land

In order to start a hunting business, you need to have an area for the hunting trip. It would be great if you own a land suitable for that. Otherwise, you need to find a location and propose to the owner that you would like to lease his land for a hunting business. An ideal area for your business depends on the kind of game you would like to hunt. It could be a forest or marshes. But whatever that is, make sure it is not yet saturated with hunters nearby.

Hunting Business Paperworks and Facilities

Then you would need to process not only the customary papers for starting a business but also the special permits required for starting a hunting business. Among those papers should be a permit to own guns and ammunitions permit from any wildlife conservation agency, as well as guide certification and licenses. Once everything is secured and in place, you would have to think about the facilities for your hunting land such as lodging accommodations, butchering house and restrooms. You also have to take care of various items needed for a hunting business like camouflage, safety equipment, first-aid kit and GPS units and ATVs.

Outfitters for a Hunting Business

Another major feature for your hunting business is the people who will help you manage it. One of the most important of them is outfitters who will guide visitors during their stay in the hunting area. They will provide visitors tours and lectures on how to handle hunting equipment safely. Safety is important in this business because your customers for this business do not necessarily be old-time hunters. Be prepared to welcome first-time hunters and people who just wanted to experience the outdoors with little interest on going through the forest to find game.

In order to attract visitors to your hunting site, you must constantly advertise. You can have your business listed on the local directory. There should be a permanent sign standing on the entrance of your hunting area. You can also expand your reach by coming up with a Web site where you can post pictures of the hunting land, and some interesting activity and people during a game.


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