How to Start a Dog Bakery Business

Are you a dog fancier who knows everything about dogs? Then why don’t you turn that passion into something which can pave the way for you to have more money? Because of the fact that the dog foods sold today in the supermarket have chemicals that can really harm the health of your dog, many consumers are losing their trust in buying them.

If you think that you can handle giving the dogs healthy and delicious foods, then why don’t you try to put up your own dog bakery business?

Tips to Start a Dog Bakery Business

You only need small capital in order for you to start in this kind of business. But before thinking of the financial budget, you must first come up with a business plan which indicates a detailed and step by step process that you must follow in the entire business process. The following are the things you need in order to ensure the success of this business: recipes, baking equipment, baking supplies, containers and labels.

In choosing the prefect name for your dog bakery business, you must make sure that sit will be a very catchy one. Include the phrase “dog bakery” in order for the customers to know what kind of business you have. You must also make sure that the name of your business will be easily remembered by dog owners in your area.

In the making and selling of the food treats for dogs, you must also follow rules and regulations to make sure that everything is done in the legal process. For you to know the licenses and permits to get, you must check the country business administration. If you are afraid of home inspection, you don’t have to worry because most of the states in the country do not ask for a certified kitchen for the dog food.

Next, you must invent your own recipes that will be a hit for doggies. In order for you to test the effectiveness of your recipe, you must use your pet dog so that you can supervise it every time.
When you are happy with the results, the next thing for you to do is come up with the pricing list. Make sure to price the dog foods competitively so that you will not get left behind in the competition. You must also include the following: electrical costs, packaging and all the used ingredients. Next, you must divide the total cost by the total number of treats that had been made per batch.

You must also find a supplier for the dog food containers. One of the best choices for these is plastic bags that are re-sealable. In the labelling process, you must make use of the computer for a faster and cleaner effect. Of course, you must also include your business name and number. To establish trust on the customers, you must also put on the label that there are no chemical preservatives used in making the food.

In order for your business to grow as soon as possible, you must also develop marketing and promotional techniques.


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