How to Start a Fair Trade Wholesale Business

A market based manner to relieving global poverty and advertising sustainability is also known as fair trade. The objectives of this business are to empower and educate producers as well as to connect them to a market so as to participate in worldwide trade.

This is a good business indeed, however proper preparation is needed to become successful.

If you are interested in making a socially conscious industry, a fair trade wholesale business may be suitable for you. Being a fair trade wholesaler, you will directly work with the company to buy inventory created by artisan in any countries who have a market for their product. Prior to open a business is very essential to know the fundamental factors regarding how to start a fair trade wholesale business.

Business Plan

Writing a business plan for your trade wholesale business is essential. Choose whether you’ll sell or open a store online. Visiting some fair trade wholesale store to know what they store sell or stock is very important. Know how you will make a store distinction from your rivalry is crucial. You can make this through offering diverse product or making a different setting in your store. Make inquiries to fair trade Company which you can purchase product from. Select a company name as well as logo which will draw in your prospective clients. Determine your capital and product you want prior to start the business, make a selling strategy for your store.


How to start a fair trade wholesale business, great location is a must. Select a place in a major shopping place near boutiques, galleries, restaurants and other business establishments wherein your aim market are middle and upper class clients. Make certain that the location gets many foot traffics. It is ideal to select a smaller place in a dynamic shopping place than a large one. Lease a store which has big windows so as to show your top selling products.


Collect inventory. Stop stocking product just because you want them. Call or visit successful trade wholesaler to ask regarding which products are best sellers. Stocking high numbers of most selling products and display them. You need to keep in mind that fair trade store are in demand during holiday season; therefore make sure the availability of well-known items during this day.

Promote your Business

Marketing your business is the last step on how to start a fair trade wholesale business. Place the company logo everywhere, on signs, shopping bags and advertisements. Place advertisements on local publication and newspaper which your target clients likely read. Make a brochure and have it accessible in your store, having a mailing list is also important. Sending catalogs, customer emails, and newsletter as well as sale notice on a regular basis will help your business to become successful. Making a website to post your product is also a good strategy.


  • Mayeku Hilda said on November 16, 2014
    Hullo I greatly appreciate the above info. Am interested in starting a cosmetic line based on a fair trade kind of structure and on a small Budget. I live in Uganda East Africa Please help give me the necessary advice I may need. Thank you in advance
  • Debbie beginner adviser said on January 21, 2016
    I live in the lower portion of New York State. I have Owned small businesses in the past and participated In family business. I am extremely interested in helping people as well as helping my family succeed. I have a background and holistic health, nutrition, and jewelry. I'd like to open an online and retail store with organic Products that range from sterling silver handmade jewelry to organic natural foods. I would like to contact artisans from the Native American community, Africa, India, Bali, and other in communities. Any info or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. || Consultant


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