How to Start a Bounty Hunter Business

If you want to start a bounty hunter business, you must have a solid plan. This business is dangerous and your life can be at stake. With the right training, skills, and knowledge, you will be able to pursue the business with ease.

Establish contact with bail bondsmen and agencies like CIA or FBI.

Are there many local fugitives in your area? Sometimes, the law enforcers need the help of private individuals in locating the whereabouts of these ‘wanted’ individuals. In this type of business, you can earn more than $1 million every year. You will also need startup capital to purchase the needed equipment like portable computer and communications devices. The training required for a bounty hunter may vary from one state to another but you must submit an inquiry just to be sure.

Starting Your Own Bounty Hunter Business

In most cases, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma but others may also qualify including degree holders and post graduates. Preferably, you must have military experience, intelligence agency, or criminal justice. Since you’re dealing with fugitives, you must know some self defense techniques and so rigorous training is advised. This is an adventurous job and it can be dangerous most of the time. The business is in demand these days since some agencies don’t have enough resources to locate fugitives. You succeed if you possess considerable background in intelligence works. You should be reminded that there will always be low times which can be a boring.

Building a good reputation in the industry is very important. You can begin by offering free services and as much as possible, you must work closely with bail bondsmen. When the business is in full swing, you should be prepared to handle death threats and a lot of danger. Traveling is common and because of this, you will need sufficient money to cover all expenses. Since you’re the one who’s going to locate the fugitive, you can demand a fee, depending on certain circumstances. Some agencies are willing to pay $100,000 to $500,000. It is possible to run the business from home. A separate home office is ideal instead of leasing out office space but to ensure the safety of your family, you might as well lease out.

You can get certifications from associations of bounty hunters in your state or city. Try to check with FBI and CIA to find out more about the special trainings offered by these agencies. You must start out early to undergo training. In a dangerous endeavor, you must be equipped with the latest gadgets to locate fugitives. All your actions should be coordinated with the local law enforcement. That way, you can still ensure your safety. Knowing ways to defend yourself can put you at an advantage. Start this business today and make sure that you have a good plan.


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