Open a Military Supply Store

If you want to start a military supply store, you will need to start with a business plan. Find a reputed supplier or manufacturer of military supplies to get the best deals.

From there, you can sell the items at a reasonable price to earn great profits. Utilize the best marketing strategies for best results.

Tips to Open a Military Supply Store

Starting a military supply store will be very easy if you’re a military or survival enthusiast. With your knowledge and passion for this career, you will surely succeed. There are many items that you can sell like weapon, ammunitions, clothing, tactical gear, and military memorabilia. However, before you can start the store, there are things you need. This will include liability insurance, business permits or licenses, equipment, supplies, and other necessities. Aside from the business license, you also need to secure a Class III license to sell weapons, ammunitions or firearms. You can use the internet to check out the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

When opening a military supply store, you will need a plan. The plan can guide you with the marketing analysis, management, and the financials. You will have to identify the military supplies that you want to sell. It would be impossible to sell everything but if you’re store can provide most of the needs of customers you will surely succeed and earn more profits. Find a supplier or manufacturer of military items. You will need to purchase your inventory directly from them to cut down the costs.

Pricing, Licensing, and Others

If you can get the military supplies for less, you can also sell them at a reasonable price. Determine the existing pricing in your area and since you’re just starting out, you can sell the supplies at introductory prices. It’s typical for new stores to sell items at a slightly lower price than competitors but after some time, you will need to sell the items at a price that will give you sufficient profits. Identify your target market and if you think that you’re business can succeed, you can get more inventories. Choose a name for the store and make sure that you opt for a name that tells the customers what you’re selling. Decorate the indoor and outdoors properly to attract more customers.

Apply for a business license once you’ve thought of a great name for the business. To sell the military supplies, you will need to purchase display racks, shelves, furniture, fixtures, and other equipment inside the store. You will have to create a relaxing atmosphere and once your customers enter the store, you need to lead them to the supplies or items that you’re selling. Apply for utilities and phone lines because these are necessities. To increase your customer base, you also need to setup a business website. With the best promotions and advertising methods, you can make the business popular in no time.

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  • Claire Chandler said on March 18, 2013
    Monroe, la 71201 I am thinking of a tactical store geared more toward women and start without guns, adding them in later if we chose. Any advice?


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