How to Sell Wholesale to Retailers

Retailers are continuously looking for new product that they can sell into their stores. In case you have a factory-made or hand-made stock, it would be nice to consider on selling wholesale. This also allows you to reach a wide base of customer.

You can also do this without the need to sell individual items. As wholesalers, you’ll also be a striking supplier to some retailers.

Target Specific Retailers

In order for you to do this you can visit possible shops that may have an interest into your stocks but make sure to do some study. Remember things such as the type of shops of customer and the pricing of products as well as the different products that are already available. In addition, be sure to determine the needs of the store and how you could also them regarding their goal.

  • The Prices

    It is also very important to settle the prices that you wish to put into your general stock. When you are calculating prices, keep in mind that retailers like to create a great income on their wares, so it is helpful to consult the research that you have conducted on their individual pricing. You will also have to make adequate profit to create the sale valuable and they also wanted to know that they are receiving the best deals.

  • The Retailer

    You can also contact the retailer’s buyer and be sure to make appointment for you to see them. After investigating the store and you feel positive that you can provide the stock to a certain company then contact the buying section to make appointment to them. Be sure that you have professional phone manners and always keep in mind that consumers are busy and have hectic schedules.

  • Sample your Product

    It would be nice if you can present certain sample that can present an impression of the goods, just be sure to prepare your samples in the event the buyer will ask for more. Also, business cards are very important in case the buyers wants to contact you because they have an inquiry, it will not require them anymore to go to your office just for a simple inquiry.

  • Contract

    Since you will have important transaction among the buyers, it is very important that the deal has a contract. Remember not to exchange money or items without a contract because you might experience problems in case the buyer withdraws or begins on asking additional demands that are beyond the initial agreement that you have agreed. It is very important that both parties understand and agrees on the terms and conditions before signing the contract to avoid future problems.

  • Feedback

    In any business, feedback is also very important because it will determine if you are meeting the other party’s expectation or you need to improve.


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