How to Protect a Business Name

Who does not know the famous line of Shakespeare, “what’s in a name”, right? But when it comes to business, name is a very essential aspect for it to assure its position in the industry. This will pave the way for you to be identified from the other companies.

There are also instances when new companies will borrow the name of your business or your products as well.

But this is illegal! But you don’t have anything to worry about because there are several ways on how your business name will be protected. Through this, you will have a unique appeal on the customers and clients and your products of services will be easily known and through marketing and promotion as well.

The name of your business can be one of the factors which can make or break you. So, you need to carefully and strictly preserve the images and slogans that are associated with the name of your business through a trademark. This is very important because it protects words or symbols that identify your business from similar businesses in the industry. In order for you to understand well the importance of your business name, you must look into the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Protecting Your Business Name

The instruction book and training programs of your business must have protection with the use of a copyright. But of course, in order for them to be copyrighted there are several bases or criteria that must be met. If you have authored the book of your company, then that can only be the circumstance where it can be granted a copyright protection. By having your instructional books copyrighted, that will also serve as an avenue for you to have a stronger and better case in the court.

The products and manufacturing processes of your company must also be patented so that you will have a good reputation in customers, suppliers and clients. Of course, whatever your products are, your business name is also associated with it. Now, what if one day another company violated your rights to intellectual property? This is an illegal act so you can sue an entity who did this because you are using a patent. Yes, suing is kind of expensive but this is the only way on how you can sustain your reputation in the industry.

Another way on how you will be able to protect the name and reputation of your business is through joining a chamber of commerce in the locality. These are the right organizations which aid in promoting the rights of the businesses in your locality. In addition, they are also means on fostering a good environment for the growth of economy. There are also legal and promotional tools which the chamber membership offers to get rid the confusion of duplication by the other companies.


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