Starting a Green Cleaning Business

If you want to start a green cleaning business, you should always begin with a plan. You can use this to secure capital (if needed) and it will also serve as a guide during startup.

Decide on the cleaning services you want to offer and purchase the supplies from suppliers.

Despite the slow economy, it is possible to open a new business. There are many business opportunities that you can try and one is the green cleaning business. Many business establishments and homes are exposed to toxic chemicals which can only be removed through green cleaning. As the name of the business suggests, you will be using eco-friendly techniques and cleaning products. Try to inquire from the concerned government agency about the licensing requirements. You should also determine if there are special permits that you must secure. In most cases, you are required to attend special trainings in order to get a green certification.

How to Start a Green Cleaning Business?

When it comes to marketing the business, you will find it easier to reach out to potential customers if you possess the needed certifications and permits. Make sure that you know the alternative products that you can use. There are no regulations that prevent the use of green products. By simply reading the ingredients or labels, you will know if you’re using nontoxic items. For instance, when cleaning windows, you can use products that contain non-abrasive ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. How much are you going to charge for your services? Since you’re just starting out, you can offer a slightly lower introductory price. You can charge per hour and offer extras.

Make sure that you determine the prevailing rates in your area. After determining the price, you can now decide on the advertising methods to use. You can create a brochure to show the cleaning products you’re offering. Create business cards that you can give away to potential customers and possible connections. It’s best if you go directly to suppliers so that you can get your cleaning products at a much lower price. If you purchase in bulk, you can avail of discounts.

Build your own website so that you can also promote online. When you’re cleaning, you can also educate your clients by giving them some tips. A new business will flourish if you can build goodwill to among clients. Make sure that you provide quality services at all times. You can get more projects in the future through referrals and word of mouth advertising. It is possible to have a home-based office but if you have enough capital, it is ideal that you lease out the office space. You have to create a welcoming atmosphere in your office to convince clients to choose your business over competitors. Start with the advertising in advance so that you can attract customers during opening.

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