How to Price Used Furniture

How to determine the right price for used furniture? What are the bases we need to consider in pricing used furniture?

Determining the right price for used furniture can be difficult, you need to balance the years of existence of the furniture, the quality, the style and how big the furniture is. Is it a significant one?

Used kids furniture can be sold for more than you may think. Take a look at online resources such as kids furniture to get an idea of what new furniture is being sold for. Unlike other deals that you can sell or re-price, furniture does depreciate from the first year it had been used, unless it will be labeled as an antique then you have chances of increasing the selling amount. What are the usual things you need to check on before you price used furniture?

Tips on Pricing Used Furniture

Once you start making a decision on how much your used furniture will cost you need to appraise and assess the furniture with truthful evaluation. Ask yourself if I will be the one to buy this furniture, will the amount be reasonable enough? You may also ask a close friend to help you out with the evaluation.

You may write down the qualities of the used furniture you are trying to price. What will be the usage of the furniture, how long it had been used? Is it an antique? Is it vintage or traditional furniture or a collectible one? This will give you an idea of the worth or value of the used furniture.

You may take into consideration the size of the used furniture. You have to categorize the size, is it to bulky? Will it fit to an ordinary passageway? Will you have difficulties transporting it in case it will be bought?

The design or style will also be one factor to determine the price. Is it a furniture that had been difficultly made and the style is significant? Is the design common? This is another factor to consider.

You need to identify what the furniture is made of. Is it from ordinary furnishing, what are the elements that had been used? Is it branded or the manufacturer is well-known or is it difficult to find?

If the furniture you are pricing had been made or imported overseas, chances are you need to price it according from where it came from. If it’s locally made then you will have to check with manufacturers to know the standard price other merchants placed on their furniture.

You also need to do a research in the marketplace. Check out stores that are bargaining used furniture, this will help you on how much is the standard and competitive price you can give your used furniture.

You need to consider the purchasing capability of your customers, since they are going for second hand or used furniture, it means that they are expecting a lower priced than what is the usual.


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