How to Open an Anime Store

Starting an anime store is both fun and challenging especially if you’re an anime fan. First, you need to determine the kind of anime store you want. Do you want to sell toys, collectibles or magazines? Contact manufacturers and ask them how you can purchase items at a wholesale price.

It’s also a good idea to establish relationships with independent local, international and national anime artists so that you can feature unique anime art in your store.

You also need to determine your target audience. These are the consumers who will be buying from your store. Identify their gender, level of education, location, age and income. Study trends and learn more about the attitudes, lifestyles, hobbies, values and interests of your target audience. Learning how they think and act can help you target lucrative products and methods to appeal to them. Researching the competition is also important. Determine how they are marketing, how much they’re selling their products for and what they are offering. Now, you can start building your anime store.

Business Plan

Your business plan outlines how you’ll build, promote and finance your store and products. It will help you define how you’ll earn money from your store and pay your monthly expenses.

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You need to pick a location for your anime store. Of course, this applies if you’re planning to start a brick and mortar store. Strip centers and malls where your target consumers gather could be a good location. You can also rent a space in an established business that serves your target audience. The location should provide enough space to place display cases, store inventory and hang shelving. Make sure to consider your budget as well.


Contact the business regulations and licensing department of your state and ask them about what you have to do to become a legal business owner. Most states require store owners to register the store name and get a basic business license and resale/sales tax permit. When applying for a state license, you have to reveal your personal information like your phone number, home address, Social Security Number and business location.

You also need to implement bookkeeping practices. Work with a bookkeeper to manage your monthly and daily posting requirements and an accountant to create record-keeping policies. Establishing store accounts and policies is also important. Bookkeepers and accountants may help you create merchant accounts and bank accounts. They can also answer questions about managing customer payments, exchanges and returns. Your local bank can help you create merchant accounts. Shop around first to help you get the best deal. The percentage taken from every sale and upfront costs can differ from one merchant service company to another.


Marketing your business is very important. Choose online classifieds and newspapers that your target customers read. You can also buy a weekly advertisement for your store. Join events, conferences and local conventions about anime or anime-related stuff. This will help you learn new marketing techniques and network with other anime store owners.

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  • Amanda said on March 5, 2016
    I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, US. I am thinking about opening my own japanese anime store here. I have done some research on it but i still don't know how much money i need, what should be my store area. Will I get a loan for this store? How to manage this store. I need help on these issues.


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