How to Open a Yahoo Store

If you want to start a Yahoo store, there is a need to consult the guide carefully. The basic procedures are easy to understand.

Work on the contents of the store that you want to open based on the products or services you're planning to offer. Use the right tools provided by Yahoo.

Steps in Opening Your Yahoo Store

Yahoo is a very popular company and it is known all over the world. Did you know that you can open your own yahoo store? The first thing that you have to do is to prepare the store’s content. To get started, everything should be prepared including details about the company, product/service info, photos, business logo, and general business description. After this, you can now build the store. The store should be designed properly to ensure optimum function. Later on, you can add the contents, pricing, images, and other components.

Choosing the ideal payment method is very important. It’s up to you whether you will look for a merchant account or you use PayPal. Determine the payment methods that you will accept like American Express, Visa, etc. You also have to choose the shipping option and carriers. There is also a need to setup the rates for sales tax and shipping. A very important area that you have to address is processing orders. Your customers should be informed or notified on the shipping and order status. Communications can be done through email. Promotions can make or break your business. You can attract customers through marketing campaigns, promos, and the use of gift certificates, coupons, or cross selling.

You will need to keep track of the success of your store. You need to conduct adequate research about the customer visits, purchases, keyword performance, and other similar findings. It would be best to conduct an in-depth research about your potential competitors. You can use Yahoo for this and if you think that your business has a competitive edge, you can now proceed with the creation of a business plan. As mentioned earlier, you will need to plan for the contents carefully. With a detailed plan, you can finish startup in no time.

Designing the store can take a few minutes. You can start with a basic design and from time to time, you can introduce changes. To open the store, you must have a few products. Yahoo has some online tools that you can use like Store Editor, Yahoo SiteBuilder, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other HTML tools. You also need to create pages for info and privacy policy. Before launching the store, you will need to perform at least one test order. This is vital to ensure that everything is working well like the shipping, payment options, tax, etc. After the test, you have to cancel it or else it will add up to the real transactions.


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