How to Open a Used Biofeedback Equipment Business

In recent years, a new therapy has emerged that teaches patients to control bodily responses to stimuli in order to cure or prevent diseases. This technique uses biofeedback equipment.

If you are among the few who have experience working with this kind of machine, then a business venture awaits you. You can work even part-time selling used biofeedback equipment.

Biofeedback equipment are generally expensive to own. Although there are portable and less costly equipment for monitoring body responses to stimuli, those that are used by clinicians and therapists are often costly. That is why people who own these kind of equipment are better off auctioning their still usable machines so they can get the most of what they paid for it. And those wanting to own their own biofeedback equipment are more than happy to get well functioning second-hand ones for a price lower than that of brand new ones.

Qualifications for a Biofeedback Equipment Reseller

If you have experience using or selling these kinds of machine – whether as a therapist, clinician or technician for a big biofeedback equipment supplier – this is a business you can start. Experience and knowledge about how these machine works and how to trouble shoot them is your most important asset in this business. When people know that you are an expert in this field, they will trust you and hence your product. Suppliers of brand new biofeedback equipment offer warranty. As a second hand dealer, your ability to give technical support after the sale is their guarantee for their money’s worth.

Also, being an insider in this new field, you have the contacts from where you can source used but still usable equipment. Major sources of these equipment are neuroclinics, neuro- and psychotherapy centres that are closing out or disposing of machines to buy new ones. Or you can also get secondhand ones from people who no longer need these machines for one reason or another. You can advertise in clinics, laboratories and therapy centers that you are interested in their biofeedback equipment.

Two Ways to Become a Biofeedback Equipment Reseller

How to do business? There are two ways. You can buy used biofeedback machines – electromyogram, electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, strain gauges, biofeedback gaming consoles -- and store them for prospective buyers to inspect. This could entail large capital investment as well as large storage space. It is also a bit risky for you won’t know when or who will be interested in buying the items. The other way is to act as broker for people wanting to sell their biofeedback equipment and people wanting to buy secondhand ones. This option is not capital intensive, but requires a lot of word-of-mouth advertising to be effective. Another advantage of this system is you can do it part-time while continuing your regular job.

One bit more of advice, just as you would in starting any business, make a well thought-of business plan before investing money, effort and time on this business.


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