How to Open a Scottish Store

Believe it or not there is a market for Scottish stores. If you are interested to open a Scottish store then you may consider these guidelines.

If you are vent in opening a Scottish store all you have to do is make a business plan. It may seem to be daunting task but all successful businesses starts with a sound business plan.

Planning, where to get additional funds in case you don’t have enough start-up capital, promotional techniques and strategies, applying for the permits and licenses, looking for the store and enhancing it to fit to the theme of your store and the hiring the most efficient staffs and store personnel’s.

Once done with all of these steps you can start to proceed in contacting the companies which manufactures Scottish products. What Scottish products to you want to sell in your store? Do you have a particular product in mind? It is always better to start small in terms of space but big in product availability. Make sure that you offer authentic Scottish products. This will make you stand out in the Scottish store industry. Offer anything and everything Scottish: men’s and ladies Scottish clothing, children and babies clothing, Scottish shawls, stoles, headsquares and serapes, clan crest jewelries and Scottish jewelries, tartan scarves and rugs, Scottish t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts etc.

Other than the usual promotional activities one of the most effective ways to do business is to create your own website. This way you can take orders 24/7. Offer free delivery for customers who live within a couple of miles away from your store and for those who live within your area.

Keep track of your daily sales. Do inventory of your sales weekly then monthly, this is one way of making your year end inventory easier. Hire an accountant that will do the accounting and auditing of your finances and your earnings. It is best if you can maintain an accountant in your business but if not then you can hire one every end of the fiscal year to do the official accounting and auditing of your sales and of course your profit.

Finally, hire the most effective and efficient staff. Of course nothing can beat your personal assistance with every customer. Either way be sure that your staffs are properly trained and well informed of the details of every item available in your store. There will be customers who might ask questions regarding the item and it is best that you and your staff can answer their every query. Courtesy and the willingness to help and assist every customer is one of the many ways of attracting more customers.


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