How to Open a Pin Store

If you love collecting pins, why don't you put up a business then. You won't only enjoy what you are doing, you will also earn big by selling pins.

Back then, pins are small stuffs that have a pointed tip which is often used to fasten things or put things together. People can use it everywhere such as, school, work, and even in their own homes.

Nowadays more and more pins are coming out with different designs and colors. Some people even make a collection of different kinds of pins from anywhere in the world. There are only a few who sells pins because they thought that pins are just nothing and it will just put their investments in to waste.

For people who are planning to start a pin business, these simply and easy tips will help you start your business and make good at it.

  • The first thing you should do is decide on the types of pins you would want to sell. You can conduct a research through the internet about the most in demand pin designs or colors. You can also ask some of your friends or family members who love collecting pins about nice pins.
  • Search for companies who sell different kinds of pins and make an appointment with them. Talk about your plan of opening up a pin store and ask them if they could supply you some items. You can also ask them if they are selling their pins wholesale, because as you all know selling items that are wholesale are much much cheaper than buying them one by one.
  • Look for a place where you can sell your pins. Find a crowded place. Crowded place are better because your business will always be visible to a lot of people.
  • Now display your pins where people can see it. Your design should also be eye catchy. You can use a nice cloth that will complement your pins. Place each pins into the cloth, you should evenly put them apart to compliment each and every one of your pins.
  • Now that you are all set up, think about of advertising your store. You can create fliers and brochures that cater about the designs of your pins. Include the name and location of your store, and if possible you can also include your store's phone number.
  • Another great way of advertising is by creating a website about your business itself and the things that you are selling. You can provide images of your pins and as well as their descriptions. You can also let them order online by filling up a form which is in the website itself. Include how the payment and the shipping of the item will go.

By following these easy and simple tips you will be on your way to success. Don’t let anyone discourage you with whatever you want to do in life. Yes, to some people collecting and selling pins may be a waste of time, but prove them wrong by succeeding in your chosen field.


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