How to Open a Gelato Store

Gelato Store is a fast-growing business in America. As the popularity of this Italian cold dessert rises, the opportunity of making it as a business is also widespread all throughout the country.

If you are into opening a business that is trendy and yet you think that operating the whole store is beyond your capacity and means, here’s a simplified business style for you and yet very profitable! Open a gelato store! You may choose to open a franchise of an established gelato business or you can make your own.

Gelato is an ice-cream like dessert from Italy which also becomes popular in America. However, gelato has less butter, less air content and slightly warmer than ice-cream. Gelato also is served with real fruits and finest chocolates which resulted to richer and creamier taste than ice cream.

Choosing to open a franchise of an established gelato store is quite more advantageous than starting up your own. In franchising, you can have the whole package of the business which includes the company/brand name, its popularity, training of the personnel, supplies, technical assistance etc.

There are options in franchising a gelato store. Some established companies are giving 3 options of franchising depending on your capacity.

  • The kiosk style of gelato store is the smallest type and easy to operate. You can have it open inside larger establishments as mall, big grocery stores etc.
  • Another kind is the Mall store fronts. This kind of gelato store is bigger than the stand-alone kiosk style. This has bigger space for more customers. This kind requires bigger start-up cost.
  • Lastly is the Stand-Alone Gelato Stores. This kind of franchising requires you bigger capital as you will prepare not only for the franchising cost but for rental of the space or construction of a store as you may prefer. You may put up a stand-alone gelato store within the university belts, within the city where people just come and go.

However, if you are the kind of entrepreneur who has the knowledge and skills and love preparing gelato dessert your own way and enjoy seeing your customers appreciate your recipe of gelato, then it’s your turn to start your own gelato store.

Here are some considerations you need to ask yourself before moving on:

  • Does gelato making is your interest? Do you have the knowledge on how to make this kind of dessert and innovative enough to make your own flavors and add-ons?
  • Do you have the courage to face the risk of having a new name compare to the well-known companies/franchises of gelato?
  • Can you afford to buy new sets of equipment for gelato making?
  • Did you make survey to some of the gelato stores and have you gathered information that will help you in starting your own gelato store?

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  • Tom O'connell said on July 26, 2022
    I have a store to start a gelato business in a small shopping center in Dumont, New Jersey. Where can I buy the equipment and the gelato wholesale?


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