How to Open a Bike Parts Store

In opening a bike parts store, it is important to be experienced and skilled when it comes to bikes especially in their parts.

Always consider the points of view and opinions of the stakeholders when it comes to choosing a good bike parts store so that you can adjust your business plan to it.

Bikes are very popular among athletic people. Well, actually, among all people who enjoys travelling lightweight because with a bicycle, you can get to many places and enjoy the feel and view of the environment. With the numerous instances that one can use a bicycle for travelling increases the bike’s durability tends to fade slowly. But it may still be refurbished by replacing certain parts that are already weak and broken. You must also try to gauge whether the bike needs a repair or a replacement already. Sometimes it is even easier and more convenient to buy a new one than trying to repair the bike by replacing its parts, which later on may also be broken because of the extent of the damage in the bike already. But since bikes are really strong and at the same time healthier forms of transportation, many would rather have the parts replaced for customizing purposes and repairs.

If you are very skilled and knowledgeable in handling bicycles as well as its parts, then you may be a part of the entrepreneurs that can answer to the bicycle needs of the owners. It is necessary that you have innate interest and experience with bikes because for the entirety of your business, you will be dealing with these bikes.

It may help you a lot if you can research more on bikes and its parts. As you know, new inventions are made regularly. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to move with the fast changing needs of the present time. This means, bike parts may change anytime people find something great to incorporate in their favorite transportation. Reading current updates and other valuable information on bikes and their parts can be advantageous for you, especially if you are really starting from scratch with not much experience at all.

Information from reliable people is also important. The reliable people that you must take note of are the stakeholders or those that take part and benefit from all the transactions and procedures that take place in a bike parts store. First would be your clients, it is important to know who your target clients are. If you know your clients, then it is easier for you to determine their needs from a bike parts store. You can easily gather the products that they need and those that are convenient for them to buy within a certain range of budget. The services that they are looking for are also important. That is why you must learn about those that they need as a customer so that you can have more loyal clients in your business.

You must also consider the advice from other competing business in the field. Older entrepreneurs in different location may even share their success stories that can inspire you in deciding things for your business. Actually, some were even featured in books and magazines for their successful business venture. These people may serve as our model as you build a name for your business and for yourself.


  • Kiran G K said on April 8, 2011
    Dear Sir, I'm a graduate and would like to open one spare parts shop in Mavelikara town of Kerala.This i'm planning to make it as an exclusive parts showroom for royal enfield and yamaha rx bikes covering the total genuine spares and modification cum fancy items. I have taken 3 rooms abt 700 sq ft for rent and needs to know the formalities of starting a shop like registration, taxation, license etc.. I'm planning to take the items from out of state. so what are the things reqd. for this? expecting your detailed reply. thanks Kiran
  • Pramod said on January 21, 2013
    Hi sir, this is pramod from andra pradesh. I am living in small town like mondal. It is a growing up town. I want to start bike spare parts store here at my place where we have 5 to 6 stores are here in which 3 stores are more popular. My budget will be 5-6 lakhs. Is it enough to start my business. Pls send me any documents regarding this business. Suggest me how will i improve my business. I am ready to work as dedication. Its my aim to start up business with bikes. I need help and replay ASAP. Thank you sir.


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