How to Name Your Photography Business

If you want to name the photography business, there are some things that you must consider. It is important that you pick the most suitable name for the business. It is up to you whether you should include your initials or name.

For partnerships and corporations, you should consider your partner’s opinions as well. Check for duplicates before registering.

A name can tell many things about a person or a business entity. If you have a photography business, you must choose the right name. There is always a suitable name for the business. You need to ensure that customers don’t confuse it with another. Be prepared to do some solid work and you will be rewarded in the coming years. Most owners prefer to include their names or initials on the business name. You have to decide on this one in advance. This is usually ideal if you’re a sole owner but in the case of partnerships or corporations, you have to consider your partners.

Ways to Pick a Name

In order to choose the right name, you must list down all the services and specializations of the business. This will serve as you basis because the name alone should already give customers an idea of what the business is all about. You should know the names of existing businesses in your area, especially those related to your business. It is important that you don’t register an existing business name because the state or county office will only reject it. Search online so that you can also gather some ideas.

Choose at least three appealing names for the business. Check with the Small Business Bureau to find out if your choices have any duplicate. You have to do this in advance so that when the names are the same with other companies, you will have to repeat all over again. Keep in mind that the name should reflect the image of the business. Since you’re into photography, the name should also include this or at least tells something about it. A catchy and easy to remember name is one that strikes the target the most. Make it short as much as possible.

The name of the photography business should be placed outside the place of business. You can put up signage and make it unique. You can also ask suggestions from families and friends. You can ask them to examine your top three names and let them pick. You should also have a personal pick just in case the results are tied. Once you have decided on the name, you can register it with the state or country. That way, others won’t be able to use the name. You also need to have the name of the business placed on the Yellow Pages so that customers can reach you with ease. All business letters and documents should have the name of the business on the letterhead.


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