How to Search Business Names

As important as the business itself is the business name. With that there are certain guidelines that one may follow when searching for the ideal name for their business.

On the search for the ideal name for your business, one must first determine the characteristics of a good business name first, starting with its need to be as descriptive of the business or company as possible.

Start with a name that can be easily associated with your company and more importantly, can be cut down for other official uses such as the company email and the company domain site on the internet. Though it is not necessary to have the entire name descriptive of the company, remember to add the descriptive part of the name later on. These usually appear immediately after the proper noun, such as in “Leighton’s School Supplies” or “Tinston Arcade”. Take note also that these cited examples may also be cut down into shorter names such as “Leighton’s” and “Tinston” for other official purposes. This also makes the actual search of the company, by potential customers on the internet, easier as well as its corresponding recognition in the market.

Names for businesses also need to keep as unique as possible. A company owner would not want his or her business mistaken for another with a similar name as this will confuse potential clients on what exactly the company is all about. With this it is important to search for companies that may have similar company names as the one you have in mind. At this stage put nothing to paper until you have done your research. This is one of the most crucial parts of the business name search as there are several trademark and registered names that already exist. It would be difficult if people associated your company with another without knowing that they are two distinct and different entities that are independent from one another.

Once you have selected a proper name that is easy to remember, short and relative to the kind of business you are setting up take note also if this word has a corresponding meaning that already exists. This is to make sure that the name of the business is not associated with ridicule. Same goes with the spelling, it is essential to check if the name of the company is prone to being misspelled, you will want to make the company as easy for the customer to search for as possible. Potential clients are on the prowl regularly for a particular product or service supplied by a company and if they have yours in mind then you will want to make the search as easy for them as possible. Lastly check to see if the name is catchy, this goes hand in hand with it being unique and easy to remember.


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