How to Send Business Emails

The business email is a softcopy version of the business letter. They both basically follow the same guidelines though the format in terms of indentation is not as important.

The business email is just as important as the business letter and are similar in several aspects, however the email is a more short and concise version that requires important messages to be direct to the point.

Consider how formal you want your business email to be. If this email is to someone that you are already familiar with, and knows you as well then it is not necessary to put a form of greeting or salutation as you can start the email by going directly to the message or just putting a simple hello. You may also write as though you are directly talking to that person when you type in your email. Even if the business email is not as formal as its hardcopy equivalent, remember to keep things serious and sound professional. How you verbalize and compose your email will directly reflect your character and professionalism and you will want to be treated with utmost respect so try to sound as respectable as possible.

In emails you will be discussing a particular topic or subject that will be what you will input in your subject field. With that stick to the subject when you write your email. Do not stray from the topic as you will want to make your point as clear to the recipient as possible. Also bear in mind that you addressing the email to a direct recipient so unless the email is not a personal email keep in mind to properly address this person in your email. Also do not forget to give information on the sender such as the name, position and some contact details such as a company address or local phone number.

Lastly, think of the format or template you will be using. Though business emails are indeed informal by nature you will not want to use fancy logos and pictures to express professionalism on the virtual copy. You will want to have the email read by the recipient and not redirected to the spam folder. With that also think about links that you post in your email. The recipients of emails are very wary of the links and attachments that are included in emails as there are many viruses and harmful software’s that may be accidentally downloaded from the internet. So if you have an external link or attachment that is part of your business email make sure you address it accordingly and alert the recipient of these. Put in a phrase such as, “Included is a link of….” Or “Attached to the email is the copy of…” to alert them of your external posts.


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