How to Bid on Office Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning business is a profitable venture when run properly. However, you cannot obtain much profit if you will not engage in bidding for more jobs.

It is very easy to find clients for a cleaning business as long as you market your business diligently.

If you are planning to start your own business, a cleaning business is considerable. This is because nowadays there are lots of office buildings and homes seeking for cleaning services. That is why if you want to earn more profit you should join biddings on cleaning jobs in office buildings and other big establishments. Here are some of the useful instructions that you can follow when joining a cleaning services bidding.

Useful Instructions

The first thing that you should do when you are planning to join biddings is to know your competitors. This will help you to know the right price that you can charge or quote in biddings. It is significant because in bidding you should place the lowest bid as compared to your competitors in order to win the job. Make sure that your prices are flexible yet to your advantage. In this way, you can adjust your price little according to the service and time used in the cleaning services. Having several references is ideal so that you can determine the pricing that would attract more clients and can make huge profit in your business. In like manner, you can also make your own pricing by cleaning your home and determine the length of time consumed. In this way, you can easily determine the right price to charge according to the time consumed.

Another way to provide the right quotation in cleaning services is to know the cleaning services needed by the client. Make sure to discuss everything with the owner and ask the possible questions while the owner is still with you. In this way, your client will think that you are interested doing thorough job. In like manner, you should be knowledgeable on writing a bid. Make sure that aside from offering a competitive and reasonable price quotation it should also be impressive and done professionally. If it is your first time to join bidding, you can buy blank bid form and fill out the necessary details regarding your quotation.

Keep in mind that joining bidding for cleaning services is like competing with other business owners. That is why see to it that your quotation is detailed especially the services offered and the pricing. You can also include other special services. Obviously, the customer is expecting to know other services if they will award the job to you. Furthermore, cite any guarantees about the job and let your potential customer know that you are willing to redo the job in case that they are not satisfactory done.


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