How to Manage a Fleet of Vehicles

When a certain company has fleet of vehicles, it really needs an effective management. Whether it is a fleet of golf carts, semi-trucks, or security vehicles, a person that will manage these vehicles is important.

Managing fleet of vehicles is not an easy process because it requires professionalism and alertness.

Choose Fleet Management Software

Investing in a good vehicle fleet management software program is the first thing you have to do. Avoid choosing cheap software, choose the one that can offer the features you need and the price must be reasonable enough. Be sure to check reviews about this software and select the one that has more good reviews.

Do not choose software that only manages and displays small number of data but select the one that can manage large date and has the selection to display adequate amount you need. This is significant because your fleet management system must have the capability to track engine number, chassis number, plate number, car number, driver’s license, drivers name and maintenance of the vehicle. The software must also have the capability to make records and reports.


To manage a fleet of vehicles efficiently, the large percent of them must be on the road and only small percent are for maintenance. Meaning if you have 30 vehicles then it should be just 2 to 3 cars in the maintenance at a time.


Managing a fleet of vehicles should be handled smartly, which means you need to be flexible in setting maintenance dates of various vehicles. In case the vehicle is still on the route and needs maintenance then you need to consider on applying for the maintenance early or after. This is significant to assure that the vehicle is always on good condition.

Log

Aside from the management software that you have to use, it is still great if you can have a backup like sign-in log. This is important in case the software or program encounters problem, you can still have records written on paper. Remember that this software is made by an individual, so it is not an error-free program.

Again, even if you have the software, using a log book can be beneficial. The date of maintenance must be updated all the time. In case you don’t have staff to do the maintenance and repair then you can also hire a contractor or take the automobile to garage for the needed maintenance. Be sure that the oil is changed regularly and other important maintenance to assure that the vehicle is on perfect condition before hitting the road.

Things to Remember

  • Always double check your records on your management software and record book.
  • Don’t forget the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles is important


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