How to Lease a Farm

The leasing of farm land can be a little harder to think about. Starting a farm business, whether for the crop production or for hunting purposes can be very profitable.

It can benefit many people too.

Tips when Locating

The process of leasing a farm depends on the negotiation and agreement of two parties involving factors like the area of the land, location, and how it will be use. So, first you must determine how you will use the land you will be buying. Determine whether you will use it for hunting or for farming. For example, if you will use the land for farming then it is necessary that the land is adjacent or even near the existing plots of farms since there are farm machineries and equipments needed for moving easily. If the land will be used for hunting then you should consider the size area of the plot and the availability of the games and the properties that surround it.

You can refer and search on the internet as well as the local newspaper to locate farm lands for lease. You can also talk with the local seed and feed suppliers or agricultural suppliers for locating a farm land available for leasing. Then contact the owners and determine if the farm land is still available and ask information about the lease terms of the lands. This will make you determine if the farm land is suitable to your needs. Arrange the time to visit and at the same time evaluate the land.

Meet the owner of your chosen land and evaluate carefully is the land fits your intended purpose for it. If you will use the land for hunting then consider the adjoining properties or the surrounding properties in regards to the development. Furthermore, look for signs that the land is a good property for hunting. If you intend to use the land for farming then look for sufficient drainage, good accessibility for the equipment and machineries, etc. Last but not the least is to clarify all issues and make sure that both parties agreed to the terms and agreement. Provide a written contract for authentication and signs of both parties.


To be able to not encounter problems in the future, you should follow the lease agreement and do not stray outside of what you both agreed upon. Do not conduct any activity that is not within the lease agreement. Keep in mind that leasing is different from purchasing. Leasing means that the land is still owned by the other party so take care of it and operates within what is written in the lease agreement.


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