How to Get Qualified Leads

When generating leads, it’s not about quantity. Even if you get lots of leads, it will not ensure increased profits because you can’t tell if you’ve found the right ones.

With qualified leads, you will need to consider two keys which include fit and engagement. If you can combine your marketing and sales efforts, you will get the right leads.

How to Get Qualified Leads?

It’s quite easy to generate leads but when it comes to qualified ones, you will have to exert enough effort. If you’re wondering how to get qualified leads, you’ve come to the right place. To effectively generate the best sales leads that will allow you to earn more profits, there are two rules that you should follow. This is a very important aspect especially if you’re maintaining an online business. When sending emails to potential customers, you will need your own list of customers. Remember, it’s not about the number but its more on quality.

When you say qualified leads, these are the people who have the intent to make a purchase and the capacity to pay for the products or services. In order to get the best leads, you have to set up the requirements beforehand. The marketing/sales department or the manager of the business should determine what the business needs to ensure that only eligible leads are generated. The rules usually focus on two keys – the lead’s fit and their intent to purchase from your organization or company. The word ‘fit’ pertains to the customer’s explicit information like industry, job title, geography, and revenue.

Keys to Consider

This key can remain constant for some time but when you notice changes, you also need to make adjustments. Look into the historical data of your past customers. The second key is ‘engagement’. This is the level of determination of the customer to buy the product or service. This is based on the lead’s response to the marketing campaigns of the business or company as well as their behavior. To better understand the engagement of the customer, you will have to look into the event attendance, social media activities, search activities, downloads, web visits, and email responses.

If you can get A1 leads, this means that you’ve found qualified leads that are fit and engaged. Remember that generating the right leads is not enough and if you truly want to earn more profits, you should know the best time to make follow-ups. You have to establish a connection because this is the only way to close the sale. Your marketing and sales efforts should support one another. Just in case you’re not able to close the sale, you need to return the lead to the marketing aspect. Start today by giving preferential attention to your marketing and sales efforts. If you can do this properly, you will be able to ensure future success and increased profits.


  • ravi kumar said on January 22, 2014
    Am going too start water can supply business, in india, tamilnadu, chennai, tambaram, so guide me for my business
  • rahul singh said on March 19, 2014
    i start small plant of water pouch filling plant so please inform how can start paper works or cost and benefit and manpower
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    Hi i am 30 yrs old woman. I want to start packed water bottle business of capacity 20 ls tell me about cost of plant and total investment for this business.
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    Hi, I am planning to start a packed drinking water unit in kerala (kannur D.T)let me know the details(capital, availability of machinery, cost of the machinery, rules and regulations, manpower etc)
  • Rakesh said on June 14, 2015
    I have to start package drinking water plant. what is the cost, I know about the marketing but to get buyers what I have to do!! plz give me so me driaksation. I am from Baroda(Vadodara) ,Gujarat,India


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