How to Get Free Advertising

If you want to know how to get free advertising, you can learn from this article. There are various ways to advertise and the traditional ways are still effective.

You can start by giving out flyers and placing ads on newspapers. After that, you can now spread the word and create your own website.

The Flyers

Most business owners are experiencing the same problems – how to advertise their business. The market is very competitive and if you want your business to thrive, you need to keep up with such competition. Otherwise, you’re bound to lose out a lot of money! Most business owners are aware of the various ways of advertising but the reason for their failure is that they don’t know how to do it properly. Firstly, why don’t you try distributing flyers? To most businesses, this might seem like a joke. After all, its one of the oldest methods of advertising but it’s still effective.

This is applicable to a business that is located in small town or community. Designing the flyer is very important and you have to make it attractive. Print the name of the business in boldface. Don’t forget to include the address, phone number, website, and email. You should reveal your products or services on the flyer and the best features you offer like better quality, lower price, faster service, and many others. An all-text flyer is dull so you need to include graphics, photos, and even attractive pictures. Give away your flyers in places where there is high traffic. Post flyers on the bulletin boards in your community centers, supermarkets, and near churches.

Newspaper, Word of Mouth, Website

Another option is newspaper. Check with the local paper and inquire about the cost of running an ad on their classifieds. Usually, the bigger the ad, the bigger is the price. Find a local paper that will allow you to post your small ad for free. Some local magazines also allow this. When posting ads on the newspaper and magazines, try to include the contact details of your business; this is necessary so that when sees your ad, they can easily reach you.

Talking fee advertising, word of mouth is definitely free. You can offer special promos and discounts to customers who are willing to invite some of their friends and relatives to your place of business. You can also call potential clients like businesses and other professionals who you think can benefit from your business. This will only require your time and effort. Use the internet and gather enough info on how to create a website. Once you learn the basics, you can now create a business site that is fully optimized. Creating a site is free and you can advertise to the world and hopefully make your business well known in a few weeks to months.


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