How to Get Delivery Contract

Companies with merchandise need a good delivery system. Some of these companies use trains and ships to relocate the goods. However, even that product must be shipped again. So, at one point or another, these products need to be shipped through the truck. If you are in a trucking business, you might benefit from it.

But, because of competition in the industry, getting delivery contract is hard. Below are the steps that you can follow in order to successfully get delivery contract.

Know the MPG of the Car You Have

To know the mpg of your car, fill up the fuel tank then drive at least 100 miles. Then fill up the tank again. Trace the amount of gallons utilized to fill up the tank the 2nd time. Then divide 100 in the amounts of gallons of the fuel you listed. Since you drove 100 miles, this will show you the exact miles for every gallon the trucks gets. You need to record this amount and use this formula to know the fuel your truck consumes.

Read the Agreement Prior to Bidding

You have to read the agreement specs prior to bidding. Determine the miles every delivery will take. You can do this by multiplying the amount of miles for every travel by the amount of trips needed in the contract. The number will show you the miles the agreement needs. Multiply the amount of gallons of gas required for the agreement on the existing cost per gallon. This will show you the cost of the fuel for the agreement.

Check the Days Needed to Finish the Contract

Divide the amount of miles in the agreement by the amount of miles you could drive a day. Through this, will you will know the exact number if days needed to complete the agreement. If you can drive forty four miles a day, that is a fifty mile per hour for eight hours. Divide 250 miles of the delivery deal by 440 and you will get 57. Meaning, you can do the job in just one day or less than.

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Find the Exact Amount of Delivery Charge

Multiply the amount of days to complete the delivery of the payment you need to get each day. Never undersell yourself. It pays your wage and provides you money for upcoming business operations. Also make sure that the payment includes the taxes, maintenance and charges as well as miscellaneous expenses.

Find the Bid Price

Add the cost you need to pay for gas with the cost you need to charge for the labor. The sum will be the bid price. Give this prove to the agency for consideration. Make a proposal telling you security record as well as your experience together with statement of dedication to improve your possibilities of getting the delivery contract. Complete the sample through adding the 125 dollars you want for the fuel with the 500 dollars you wish to charge for the labor. Meaning your delivery contract is 625 dollars.

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