How to Get a Music Agent

With the things slowly burdening the lives of many people, we are left with no choice but to look for ways of how to ease all the heaviness. One of these ways is with the help of music, definitely a medicine to many souls. And if live music is what you want, music agents can certainly help you a lot.

They are the very people who make it possible for live music to exist. It will be nice if you will know how to get a music agent.

Music agents are the very individuals who make the existence of live music possible. They can be of great help for you to spice up some occasions with the help of live bands who can sing songs that will ease the boredom of all people. It will be a lot better if you will be aware of how to get a music agent.

Who are Music Agents?

Music agents are also known as talent or booking agents or just agents. They are the reason why live music exists. A good music agent with good connections will be able to get a band play in front of the correct audience and have their profile increased. These agents work hand in hand with both record labels as well as promoters to be assured that the bands they have on their books will have the right kind of exposure. They are also in charge of negotiating with venues and promoters when performance payment is concerned as well as arrangements for aspects like accommodation and backline.

What are the Jobs of a Music Agent?

Even if an agent’s responsibility scale will be dependent on the band’s level, the job characteristics will still all be the same. A music agent must first settle on an agreement with the management, labels and bands so that tour date windows will be agreed on, as well as logistic and financial requirements for the tour that they will have as well as the tour’s specific goals. Another job that they have is contacting venues and promoters that will pitch the bands and settle on the dates of performance.

How are Music Agents Being Paid?

The music agents get their pay from the tour’s proceeds, which are only limited to performance’s actual payments and these are not solely money that was earned from the merchandise sales. The typical arrangement here is to agree that the gent will have both 10 and 15 percent of the money paid to the bands for one gig. 18 or even 20 percent is also something that you might want to try.

What Agents can do for Bands

Good shows are made possible by music agents. And if your band is just starting, having a good agent to help you will just boil down to more audiences than you might actually dream of. If your agent is also someone that works for the larger bands, you will surely get a direct track on support slots for the tours of these bigger bands.


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