How to Become Handyman

Do you have enough skills in fixing home or apartment fixtures, to make some repairs on the air conditioning system, carpentry works, and installation jobs? You can use all of these and have a business of your own by learning the steps on how to become a handyman.

If you’re willing to do so then here are the guidelines to become handyman competitively.

Learn here to become a Handyman

Every household needs an improvement and minor repairs; from fixing damaged rooftops, broken door knobs, wrecked windows, ceilings with holes, repairing the air-conditioning system or applying small renovation that requires carpentry works or electrical skills, but for some reasons the jobs can’t be done solely by the owner of the house due to his or her busy schedule. Even the senior citizens also need some helping hand as they don’t have any longer the capability to perform these small household tasks; therefore, starting a handyman business is the appropriate option if you have a great knack in helping these people to complete minor house chores and small maintenance works.

Possibly you are wondering if a handyman business is profitable of its kind and easy to handle, obviously the answer depends on how you are dedicated to the job and you are willing to be compensated even for a small amount of payment. The main job of a handyman is to assist homeowners that have no time or less capable to minor home repairs and improvements, while hiring the assistance of service professionals or contractors are too expensive for the small tasks.

Definitely, before someone can be a handyman there are certain guidelines to follow for legal purposes and safety reasons, since the small work also faces some risks and troubles that sometimes are unavoidable. Learning the guidelines to become handyman is crucial for this type of business endeavor.

Pointers on How to Become Handyman

Starting a handyman business also entails an intensive planning, so to help you out in your plan here are some pointers for you:

  • Setting up the Business – If you’re planning to do the handyman works, you must acquire some basic skills in carpentry and electrical works, as well as little knowledge in plumbing and repairing electronic appliances by acquiring trainings in trade schools. However, if you plan just to manage the business and be a contractor then you can outsource your men and pay them in a sub-contract basis.
  • Make the Business Legal – For legality sake it is important to obtain business permits and licenses by checking with your local business licensure department of the requirements in running a handyman business. This step is also vital for you to know your tax obligations and what insurances you must acquire for the protection of your business.
  • Market your Business – Once the paperwork are settled, let your neighbors and friends learn about your new business or you can send out business cards to entice more clients.

The cost of starting the business is at least $1,000.00 from buying the tools and supplies, and processing the paperwork, or it may increase if you still need to have your own transport vehicle. The expected earnings can be as low as $800 in a weekly basis with hard work and dedication.


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