How to Become Customs Officer

A person working to enforce the laws and regulations at different ports of entry is known as customs officer. A custom officer can work either in seaports, airports or land ports.

If you are interested of this career opportunity you should know how to become customs officer.

Customs officer are those trained by the government to carry out routine searches of people as well as vehicles entering in the state. Aside from processing paperwork and other immigration documents, a custom officer is also involved in inspecting cargo and prohibited baggage. As they work in the port they are designated to collect funds for imported goods. In like manner, they are not only for the look out of any immigration violations but also for tax issues and contraband. Here are some pre-requisites of becoming a custom officer.

Steps on becoming a custom officer

  • Completion from high school

    If you will apply to become a custom officer in the United States, the federal agencies will require you to have bachelor’s degree. Due to the risk of the career, the standards were raised that is why completion from high school is not enough. Instead, you should earn degree in college about criminal justice. Aside from holding bachelor’s degree an applicant should possess writing skills, communication skills, reading comprehension as well as ability to follow orders. Likewise, applicant should also volunteer in the local law enforcement group to understand the career better.

  • College

    Aside from taking bachelor’s degree program you can also earn an associate’s degree focusing on criminal justice. Some of the subjects included in criminal justice program include law, criminology, humanities, sociology and psychology. While in college you will be required to attend internship opportunities in the government. Since they are authorized to do physical detective work but you should also know how to investigate over the internet.

  • Obtain position

    Those people graduated with bachelor’s degree can pursue career as customs officer. You can browse online on government websites offering job slots for custom officer. Make sure to follow the instructions when filing the application form and attach the proof of eligibility.

  • Training

    Being hired as a custom officer you will be required to undergo training under the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

If you want to become a custom’s officer you should have the ability to deal with different people. This is because different people from all walk of life draw at airports and other borders everyday. A customs officer serves as representatives of the government and the extent of job depends on the job location. The job description is quite interesting and risky. Yet, the salary of a custom officer depends on the experience and qualifications. That is why it is ideal to apply for the position as long as you completed bachelor’s degree.


  • Shah Abhishek said on January 18, 2013
    i completed BCA(bachelors in computer application)in sardar patel university. i am interested to become a custom officer and also i am capable to do this job respectively.
  • Mohmmed Tofiq said on March 25, 2014
    i have done graduation and want to become a job in custom officer on airport. Thank you


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