How to Become Registered Childminder

Being a registered childminder is far better than just a plain person who takes good care of children. When you are licensed, it means that you can take good care of kids appropriately.

How to become registered childminder can be learned easily.

There are several steps that you need to know on how to become registered childminder. There are specifications as well as requirements that you need to pass first in order to be called as registered childminder.

What is a Childminder?

Childminder is alternatively called as child care provider as well as nanny. This is a person that gives family service specifically child caring acts when the parents or guardians of the kids are not present. A registered childminder is usually gathering the kids that will be taken care of in a childminder's home. In the modern times, professional or licensed childminders are those who underwent CPR training or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Aside from that, the licensed childminder are required to undergo first aid training and other short term child courses.

Needed Requirements

In order to become a registered childminder, you have to comply first with the sets of requirements that are imposed by the licensing state in your place. For example, those who want to enter this type of profession are advised to complete a First Aid Training Course for paedia. This 12 hour training course is required because kids are always prone to accidents. Specifically, choking is the most common child related accident. Aside from the certification, you are also required to obtain a diploma in the specific and accredited paediatric schools in your place. On the field training is oftentimes required by some states. The certification in the training coming from the employer will be passed in the licensing agency later on.

Obtaining Application Form

The most common licensing agency that provides licensing to possible childminder is the Ofsted. The licensing form from this agency can be downloaded online. When you have already obtained the form, you must fill it out and pass it to the address indicated. The information regarding the fee for the submission of your application will be given to you by means of letter from Ofsted. The letter that you will receive will instruct you on how to get records from Records Criminal Bureau that will be used in proving your identity.

Passing the Licensing Application

Once your application is successful, you can expect to receive a notice from the licensing agency like Ofsted. Before you will be handed with the certification, you will first be asked to attend interviews as well as orientations regarding your profession. These are conducted in order to prepare you in your chosen career. When you have received already your certificate of registration, it is a must that you display it in the childcare location that you established. This will serve as a proof that your type of venture is authentic and legitimate when there are agency visits that will be conducted.


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