How to Close Sales Over the Phone

One way in order to have a good production is having an effective closing deal over the phone. Companies should know how to talk with their clients over the phone by just using the words with courtesy and credibility.

In case you want to improve your customer retention, then you have to know more on how to close sales over the phone effectively.

In case you are assigned in telemarketing, you are obliged to answer the calls of your customers. Yes, you can easily answer your customers’ call by simply asking about her or his intention. However, closing a deal over the phone could be difficult since you have to depend upon on the situation. Here are the tips on how to close sales over the phone. Read them and learn how to have a good start of conversation with your customers.

Be Familiar to Your Product

The main key to sell any type of product is to be familiar with the item that you are selling. This applies to telemarketing call. Remember that that you are the owner of your company, so the customers will expect you omnisciently know each product. Your customer will ask various questions every detail of the product. In case you are an employee of a company, it is your responsibility to know the item of the company. You have to research the complete detail of the product or the comprehensive information of the service. Make sure to be familiar in all nuances relevant to the service or product. List any question that could possibly ask by customers over the phone make sure that you have answered all the queries based on your knowledge.

Train Yourself

When you are assigned in answering phone calls, you always think about the possible queries of the customers. In order to lessen of thinking too much about that, you have to train yourself by creating a script. Remember that the first three to eight seconds of the call is your chance to create a good impression from the customers. Make sure that the script should be written and converse in a persuasive manner. In addition to that, you should include the reasons why client should listen to your presentation. Thus, you have to plan everything which you are going to present. This way is very effective since it helps you to enhance your answering skills over the phone. This will also help you to familiarize about the proper ways of talking to the customer over the phone with courtesy and credibility.

Make a Call

Once you have practiced yourself with your script, this is your time to make a call. Get the number the client and dial it on the phone and wait for the answer. In some cases, people may not answer the first call. So, if you experience such case, you should avoid annoying the customer through contacting them directly after the first call. So, you should be patient enough to avoid declining your call by the client. Once the customer has answered your call, you can start your presentation with courtesy. Make sure that you provide all information in the presentation. Then, ask questions regarding to your topic and to ensure that your customers have listened from your presentation. Of course, you should listen to the client in order catch her or his opinion and to give you idea on how to convince him or her to buy the products.

Close the Deal

After several minutes of talking to the customer over the phone and having a feeling that the customer wants to get the product, that is the right time for you to close the deal. Of course, you need to ask the client if she or he would like to get the product or service. When you ask the closing question, you should speak confidently and deliver it with good presentation of the products.


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