How to Build Ant Farm

If you have unusual love for even one of the smallest animals in the world which is the ant, you can try building an ant farm. By simply engaging in this kind of activity, you will not just satisfy yourself but help the environment maintain its ecological balance.

In this article, you will be able to learn the step by step process in building your very own ant farm.

In getting started in building your ant farm, the very first thing you need to do is prepare the needed equipments and materials. Actually, you don’t have to spend lots of money just to look for them because they are the simplest materials that you can get even at home. They are the following: cotton ball, honey, scotch tape, construction paper, funnel, ants (both male and female), garden soil, bucket, small garden shovel, small bottle and a small aquarium or large jar having tight lid.

Check Out the Ways on How to Build Ant Farm

The first thing you need to do is place a glass container inside the aquarium or jar. This container only requires small space in the main container so the ants will be building along it. This will facilitate their easy viewing.

You also need to fit the ant colony in the yard. This can be done by simply digging in a place where you see lots of ants and put an amount of soil with the male and female ants inside. You also need to search for those queen ants and other large ants. By getting them inside the bucket you have together with the larvae and eggs, building the ant farm will be easier and faster.

You also need to put up a paper cone or funnel into the big container away from the smaller one. The funnel must be filled up with soil and you also need to do the same to the rest of the container. After that, a lid must be put on the container. In order for the ants to breathe, you also need to put air holes. In putting them, make sure that they are not that big so that the ants won’t escape.
You also need to add darkness to the container so make sleeves from the construction paper and put them around the container’s bottom. The other things you need to add are the following: fruit and vegetable bits and cotton balls that are soaked in water.

Now, what if you would like to take a view of your ants? You just have to remove the sleeve and you can already enjoy viewing them. If you want to double the size of your ant farm, you can also consider ordering ant colonies from a science supply.


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