How to Become a Radio DJ

There is no specific course to take if you want to become a DJ. However, courses in broadcasting, speech, drama, and in English can put you at a great advantage. So if you want to become a DJ, you need to follow these steps.

You can become an apprentice or you can also work part-time. Internship during college is also another great move.

Being an Apprentice

Whatever profession you choose, it will definitely be hard especially on the initial stages. This is also applicable to becoming a DJ. As a DJ, you will need to have considerable knowledge about tables, mixers, needles, and cartridges. Aside from that, you also have to learn how to beat mix or scratch and also about tempo and pitch. Finding a mentor can put you at a great advantage. You can be an apprentice and in exchange for the experience, you can carry gear or other things especially during gigs. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn the profession.

It can be hard to find schools that offer courses or trainings to become a DJ. The best teachers you can find are the DJs with the most experience. You can see them performing in weddings, parties, and nightclubs. Depending on the working environment that you prefer, you may or may not have to learn scratching. If you have the talent, show it off because you will also find more opportunities.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice is the key to becoming a DJ. A lot of aspects of this profession are intuitive and when you practice regularly, you will become better. You should have a pleasant voice and exceptional verbal skills. If you plan to work in radio stations, your job is to introduce music, read commercials or weather forecasts, and conduct interviews. Try taking up courses in English, drama, and speech. You can record your speaking voice and let your teachers listen to it. You can ask for their opinions to determine if your voice can pass as a DJ. Working part time while you’re in college is also a great way to practice. This is also a way to become familiar with the various problems, station equipment, and radio broadcasting itself. Internship can also be considered and you need to perform well because you might be hired after graduation.

Broadcasting degrees that emphasize on radios is another great way to become a DJ. If you want to be at an advantage, attaining a degree in college is your best ticket. You should also have the ability to instantly connect with the audience. You should learn to manage your time well because in most cases, you will be working in the most unusual hours. Follow these steps and you will surely become a DJ someday. You should never disregard your education because you can use this in the future if you decide to advance in your career.


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