How to Become an Insurance Agent

If you want to become an insurance agent, you will need to determine the requirements (educational and licensing) in your state. These things vary so you must be familiar with the industry.

Start out early and work part time while you’re still studying to get hands-on experience.

The Job of Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are in demand these days because a lot of people seem to be looking for various insurance options to meet their needs. If you want a fruitful and rewarding career, becoming an insurance agent may be your best alternative. As an agent, it is your responsibility to help families, individuals, and eve business owners in selecting the appropriate policy that can protect their properties, lives, and health. Agents usually sell various kinds of insurance like health, life, casualty, long term care, and disability insurance. To be a successful agent, you need to have distinct traits and undergo the right training program.

Most insurance companies pick college graduate especially those who graduated in economics and business. However, this should not discourage undergraduates to pursue a career in the insurance industry. If you’re an undergrad but you’re able to prove that you have exceptional skills in sales and in other related aspects, you’re a likely candidate. After you graduate from high school, you will need to check universities and colleges if they offer technical courses in insurance. To enhance your experience and sales skills, you should have enough experience in public speaking and sociology; as well as in computer software because you can use it as an advertising, communicational, and educational tool.

Insurance Agent Licensing Requirements

The requirements vary from every state and you need to determine the licensing requirements if you want to sell policies without encountering many problems. Pre-licensing courses are one of the requirements and aside from that you also need to take a state examination that will cover insurance laws and fundamentals. Some agents continue their education especially when the insurance company expands their products. After getting your license, you need to know the changes in tax and in federal regulations so that you can help clients in better addressing their needs.

To get the details in your state, you need to contact the Division of Insurance so that you can already follow the correct path. It’s also good if you can work part time while you’re still in college because this is an excellent way to experience the job hands-on. Once you’ve gathered enough experience, you can now take up intensive exams and courses so that you can obtain a respected designation. Your salary will depend on the nature of your job – you can get a salary plus the commissions. In some insurance companies, you will only be given commissions. Avoid making omissions or mistakes because you will be held legally liable.

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