How to Be a Domainer

If you want to become a domainer, there are some things that you need to know. It’s not true that you can make lots of money by reselling domains. In fact, the more domains you buy, the higher the earnings you can secure.

With only $1,000, you can already invest in at least 10 to 100 domain names that can make you money soon.

What You Should Do

Buying domains at low cost and making money from them later on is a viable alternative to making money online. If you want to become a domainer, this is your chance to earn residual income. You will need an initial capital of at least $1,000, an affiliate or CPC program, and domain name host or broker. The first thing that you have to do is to check what the domain name host or broker has to offer. Look for generic domain names because these ones can make you earn huge money in the future. Through these generic domain names, you can have the highest auction valuations and earn higher revenues from affiliate programs. You should buy at least 10 to100 domains and don’t forget to sign up with affiliate or CPC programs online.

Check if the broker offers domain parking so that you can have your domains parked at the broker’s servers. The affiliate program may be able to help you out when setting up domain parking so this is not much of a problem. When online users intentionally or unintentionally click on the links provided by the program, you will get paid as well. For instance, when an online user arrives at your page and he or she clicks on a link, you can already start earning money.

Don’t Sell Your Domains

There are many domain auction houses online that you can use if you want to sell the domains you’ve bought. However, experts don’t recommend selling domains that help you in making money. Instead, try to obtain more domains so that you can also increase your earnings. The god thing about becoming a domainer is that you can earn as much as $100,000 to about $10 Million. Once you have a long list of domains, you can now sell it in one BIG deal; that is, if you think it’s worthy to sell such money-making opportunity.

Over the long term, you can also expect higher earnings especially if you’re willing to work hard. Once you’re able to buy a new domain, you will also have a chance to increase your earnings. It’s up to you whether you will concentrate in generic domains but some domainers also make some money from specific names. As long as the domain name gets a lot of traffic, your domain will also become more valuable. Individual domains should never be sold because this can decrease your chances of earning good money online. Start investing for your future and follow the path of a successful domainer.


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