How to Become a Booking Agent

If you want to become a booking agent, you must follow the steps carefully. Every time you book for an event or show, you should follow this established step.

Finding talents can be hard but if you performed your homework, things will be easier. Book the venue, promote the show, and do follow ups.

The Needed Trait

The very first trait that you should have if you want to become a booking agent is being a positive thinker. To become a successful booking agent, you need to find the right venue, find your talents, promote the show, create a goal, have a show, and repeat all over again. You must follow this process carefully to ensure success in your chosen profession. You can start by finding the venue and it can be at a house party, hall, theater, club, or bar. The venue can be anywhere as long as it’s possible to hold a show. If this is your first time, you can begin with house parties although if you want a professional event, pick the established venues.

Make sure that you have the place booked at least a month before the show. Finding your talents is your next task. If you are working with bands, you need to have at least ten bands. However, each band should have a different schedule for the shows. You will need to work closely with these local bands so that you can pick the best time for the show that will fit into their schedules. Promoting the show is also vital. You will need fliers, streamers, and other promotional materials. For bigger events, you will need extra help with the promotions.

Goal Setting

Creating a goal is also very important. It is very important that you stay motivated and organized. Once you’ve booked a show, you will be very busy for the coming weeks. First timers can’t expect to get huge profits but as you organize more shows in the future, that’s when money will come rolling in. Before the show, confirm again with talents, venue, staffs, and everyone else that has something to do with the shows. Successful shows will surely come once your name is recognized in the industry.

As a booking agent, you can earn less than $20,000 to $60,000 in a year depending on how many talents you were able to book and the number of shows. Start out in your local area because there are many talents that you can book. Find the best venues in your area and learn more about booking. The internet offers a plethora of information on how to become a booking agent. Conduct a bit of research and you can already learn everything that you need to know. After that, you will be very busy in putting your knowledge at work. This is the real challenge.


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