How to Apply For Singapore Work Permit

Singapore is a small country but with great economic standing. Because of that, the country opened a lot of business opportunities for the interested overseas workers.

How to apply for Singapore work permit will be learned from this article.

There are several steps on applying for a Singapore work permit. You need to follow these accordingly in order to take hold of your key to the business opportunities of this country.

Getting the Form

The first step that you should do is to furnish the form needed to have a working permit in Singapore. The information regarding this document can be learned from the official site of the Singapore Embassy. Try to visit their site because it will be the most reliable source for you. Just in case you have a sponsor from the country, it will be a lot better. The processing of this is quicker than having no one to sponsor you.

Accomplishing the Requirements and Submitting

It is a must that you should have four copies of the form. In addition to the requirements, you must also have with you two passport size photos, sponsorship letter, security deposit and photocopy of the profile page of your passport. Once gathered, you can now send it to the office of Singapore Immigration and Registration. In order for your pictures not to be rejected, make sure that you have the proper colour of the picture background. Also, you must wear the appropriate dress. The reason behind is that there are certain dress codes imposed by the Immigration Office. Just in case you have your sponsor, he will be responsible in accompanying you in bringing those prerequisites to the designated office. The employer must have a photocopy of his identity card.

Processing Fee

In submitting the requirements, be prepared of spending processing fee for your papers. In order to anticipate the fund required, you may inquire with the matter to the processing office. Do not rely independently to the fees that someone told you, for this might change from time to time. Just in case you have a sponsor, he will receive an approval letter in a span of four weeks.

Completing Medical Records and Passing it to NVC

By the time that you or your sponsor has already received the approval letter, it is now the time for you to furnish your medical records. There are instances that the embassy of a certain country has their partner hospital. In which case, you do not have any other choice but to accomplish your medical records to that particular health institution. You must also prepare for the fee in obtaining this. Once you have already the medical records, you can now pass it to the National Visa Centre. But there are times that the hospital itself is responsible in passing the medical requirement. Right after that, you will just wait for your interview schedule and your visa.


  • Amit.m.sosa said on July 20, 2013
    hello sir, i am very interested to work in singapore but i dont know how to apply for work permit. I am 12th pass. please help me to find a job in singapore.. how to process.
  • ranbir said on August 4, 2013
    hello sir, i'm interested to work in singapore, but i dont know how to apply for work permit. i'm graduate. please help me to find a job in singapore. thanks
  • pandiselvam said on August 6, 2013
    i have completed diploma in civil engineering & 20 yrs experience residential commercial, quality control management pile foundation etc
  • Dharminder said on October 15, 2013
    respected sir, i am post graduate M.Sc(IT)and i found a job in Singapore.Please tell me how to apply for work permit. Thanks & Regards.


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