Acceptance Business Letter

An acceptance business letter is a professional letter from a company to an individual granting the approval of the employment application. It is a professional or formal response for job acceptance or business deal acceptance.

Thus, it is necessary to know how to write an acceptance business letter.

When accepting an employment or an offer it is necessary to write an acceptance business letter. Writing this letter is important even if there is a verbal acceptance. This is because it gives confirmation about the details the company offer and at the same time shows good manners. Likewise, through the acceptance letter, both the company and the recipient ensure that they agree on the specified job before drawing the contract. However, it is important to know how to write an acceptance business letter.

Points to Consider In Writing an Acceptance Business Letter

Generally, you should use the standard format of business letter including your name, phone number, address and the date on the top of the letter. Below your information you should write the name of the person as well as the company receiving the letter. Make sure not to use fancy fonts as it is not allowed in writing a professional letter. You should be specific in addressing the letter to the person offering the position. Ensure that the person’s name is correctly spelled as well as correct mailing address. As much as possible you should make the letter short and concise. In the first paragraph, you should express your gratitude and define the specific position you are accepting. Let the person know that you accept the position.

Likewise, you should also reiterate the terms of employment such as the location, job title, benefits, salary and many other items discussed by your employer. Make sure to emphasize your willingness and appreciation to work for the company. In addition, before sending your letter you must proofread it carefully. As much as possible you should ensure to make a great impression otherwise the company would not hire you. In this sense, there should be no typographical errors and the likes. Use high quality paper when printing the letter and have it signed.

As soon as you receive the offer from the company you should write and send acceptance letter the soonest possible time. Otherwise, your future employer will think that you are not interested and consider other applicant. On the other hand, some employers take effort on sending employment contract or offer letter to qualified candidate. Yet, applicant should still take time on responding by sending acceptance letter. After sending the letter you should follow up by calling the hiring manager. Indeed, an acceptance letter would not only show your interest about the offer but also reinforce professionalism. Whatever option you may use in sending your acceptance letter you should ensure that it contains all the necessary details.


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