How to Address Business Letter

One of the most corporate and professional types of communication that has always been used centuries ago is business writing.

This is a form of written communication which you need to employ all your etiquettes in order for you to create a well-sounding tone to any reader.

In writing a business letter, it is very important that you know how to start off appropriately. This is very different as compared to letters which you will send your best friend or your sweetheart. So, you also need to address the right person whom you are sending the letter to in a very proper and professional manner.

In business writing, you will not be able to write freely because you will be governed wit certain rules to be followed. Before proceeding to the different letter parts, you need first to decide on what type of letter format you are going to use. The following are just some of the most common letter formats that are being used: block letter format, semi-block letter format, modified block letter format and memo format. These letter forms have their own purposes that will create a certain effect to the reader. But since you are writing a business letter, it would be much better to make use of the block letter format. When you have already decided on what type of format to use, you can already proceed to the different parts of the letter.

Tips and Tricks on How to Address Business Letter

In the business letter’s address section, you need to write your return address which is the very first thing to put into any kind of business letter. If you want, you can just prefer to be placed on the top just like a header. You also need to remember including your email address and phone number as well.

After that, the date must be placed. You must also bear in mind that you don’t need to use any abbreviation. The lines and spacing are also very important in order for your letter to appear more professional than ever before.

Next, the company must be addressed. This is the most delicate part of the letter which you really need to be careful of. Make sure that you put the complete name of the company. You also need to double-check the spellings. In addressing the person whom you want to address your letter to, you must also use the right terms. You must address him or her depending upon his position in a certain entity. Conducting a research can help you with regard to this mater. After the greetings, it is also a no-no to use comma because this punctuation mark is just sued in informal letters. To give more emphasis on respect to the person you are addressing the letter to, you must always make use of colon.

After the greetings, proceed to the body stating the purpose of the letter. After that, you can already proceed to the closing remarks and the signature.


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