How to Accept EBT in Store

When we speak of EBT or Electronic Benefits Transfer, these are the cards used electronically in terms of transferring SNAP benefits in point of sale terminal. This is part of the SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Program of the United States.

If you are concerned with this matter, you need to know the data on how to accept EBT in store.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind on how to accept EBT in store. If you know the information concerned, it will be easier for you to do the task.

Locate the Nearest FNS Office Online

The very first thing that you have to do is to go to the USDA Newsroom online. Right after you have successfully navigated this page, you will already find the section for FNS field office contacts. In this page, you will see the map of the state where you are living. Once you spotted the map or sometimes the link of the state where you belong, it will be already easier for you to locate the nearest field office of the FNS in your place.

Call to the FNS Representative

Once you have successfully located the nearest FNS office in your place, you can already contact the concerned staff by phone. Typically, you will see contact details in the site of USDA. During your conversation with the representative, tell him the exact purpose why you made the phone call. Supply the requested information based from what the representative is requesting from you. If there are instructions given, make sure that you will follow them properly. During the conversation, you will be given with a seven-digit FNS number. Aside from that, you will be given with the Food Stamp Program Permit.

Talk to the EBT State Contractor

Based from the direction given by the FNS representative, you have to effectively refer to the EBT state contractor. By referring to the EBT contractor of your state, you will have the chance to discuss with this professional some of the different methods in EBT accepting process. There are some selections for merchants. Examples of these are checks, gift cards, debit, credit and other kinds of systems. There are some merchants who are requested to process their EBT by means of paper vouchers in replace of using the POS system. Therefore, you have to be mindful with the information about this matter.

Final Stipulation

The last step will be the selection of the system, the setting up and understanding the right means in order to process the EBT from the representative. Once this is already done, you can already begin accepting the EBT especially at the point of sale. Like for an instance you want to add to the existing merchant equipment the EBT, the commercial merchant representative will do the programming of the POS system you are using. Once this is already done, you can already begin accepting EBT transactions.


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